Big Brother Canada: Recap for March 22, 2018


We start with a recap of Wednesday nights show. Hamza nominated Jesse and Olivia for eviction. Hamza won the POV and didn’t use it.

Tonight we see who will be evicted Jesse or Olivia and a new HOH will be crowned.

(HOH spoiler at the end)

Both nominates campaign hard to stay this week.

Jesse killed his game when he made a speech about Hamza’s promised on his fiance he would use the Veto on him during the POV Ceremony. Telling the other houseguests not to trust Hamza because he was going back on his word. (It was Derek who forced Hamza to promise on his fiance.)

Both Derek and Jesse’s attitude rubbed Hamza the wrong way. He had even thought of taking Olivia down and putting up Derek.

Veronica had a birthday party and everyone got drunk.

Jesse tried to stay right up to the end by calling everyone he thought he could get the 6 votes he would need to stay from, into a room and giving them one last campaign speech to stay.

Time for the eviction…

Merron votes to evict Jesse
Derek votes to evict Olivia
Alejandra votes to evict Jesse
Maddy votes to evict Jesse
Paras votes to evict Jesse
Veronica votes to evict Olivia
Kaela votes to evict Jesse
Will votes to evict Jesse
Ryan votes to evict Jesse
Erica votes to evict Jesse
Johnny votes to evict Jesse

By a vote of 9 – 2 Jesse has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house.

HOH competition

We get a flashback of the houseguests getting to visit the Big Brother Canada museum. 3 iconic BBCAN moments were setup in the backyard.

1 of Ika, shredding the letters.
2 od Sabrina in the hot tub area her freak out about going us good TV.
3 of Kevin with a ball pit winning the POV in the Tripple Eviction.

The Houseguests had 5 minutes to study all the details in the scenes.

Tonight’s HOH competition is true or false questions based in the Big Brother Canada museum.

Question 1 everyone gets it right.
Question 2 Will and Merron are out.
Question 3 everyone gets it right.

We get sent back to Arisa. She informs us that next week is a double eviction.

Tune in Monday night at 9pm to find out who won the HOH competition and who will they nominate.

Update: Erica won the HOH competition.

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