Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update #2 for March 23


Here is some more updates for today. Seems as if Erica is changing her mind.

4:00 PM ET Someone/People put cereal (shreddies, cheerios, etc) in hg beds. Erica is the most upset and doesn’t find it funny.

12:29 PM ET Sounds like Erica is considering taking out Veronica out if she was certain that she has the numbers. She doesn’t want to take the shot if she doesn’t

12:27 PM ET Ali says if we take her (Veronica) out then Hamza and Will come to us.

12:25 PM ET Erica says she (Veronica) lies through her teeth. Ali says she is dangerous and that Johnny is the only one that doesn’t see it.

12:24 PM ET Ali’s turn with Erica. Erica says tells her that everyone is voicing concerns about Veronica.

12:22 PM ET Paras was pushing for the target to be Veronica this week and if she goes up on the block people will vote her out. Erica agrees but says she is not sure if that is a shot she wants to make. Paras says it would be good for your resume.

12:13 PM ET Paras: I had to explain twice to a white guy about why I would get disowned by my family for hooking up with someone on tv.

11:46 AM ET Erica tells Paras – I am going to save you a lot of time. You are not on my list you are not going on the block. Paras- I appreciate that so much

11:13 AM ET Erica says she can’t see herself every working with Maddy

11:11 AM ET Erica telling Johnny that her target this week is Maddy.

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