Big Brother Canada: Recap for March 21, 2018


Tonight’s episode starts with a recap of the last show. We saw the conclusion of the HOH competition. Hamaz and Veronica were teamed up and took the win over Kaela and Derek. Veronica let Hamza be the HOH. Hamaz wanted to Shack up the house, so he nominated Olivia and Jesse for eviction.

Tonight we will see who wins the POV competition and will the Veto save either Olivia or Jesse or neither from eviction.

We start right after the nominations…

Jesse is very upset. He can under stand why he was put up.

Hamza says put up Olivia because the whole house wanted her up on the block.

Then he shocked the house by putting Jesse up. He believes the cool kids Jesse, Kaela and Derek have had it too easy so far in the game. They have control the house and votes since the start and he’s sick of it. He wants to play Big Brother.

Jesse is pissed. Minutes before nominations Derek told Jesse he was going up. Jesse said absolutely not. No. No way. (lol, like he has some kind of choice in the matter)

Jesse and Hamaz talk…he tells Jesse to chill if he wins the Veto he will use it on him and take him down. In DR, Hamza tells us he is just telling Jesse what he wants to hear and he can trust him. But in reality until Veto is played he doesn’t know what he will do in the end. He wants to see if Jesse can handle the pressure.

Derek has a one on one talk with Hamza and makes him promise if he wins the Veto he will use it on Jesse. He even makes Hamza promise on his fiance Carolyn. In DR Hamza is pissed that he brought his fiance into the game. He will keep his cool and tell Derek what he wants to hear.

Time for the POV competition playing are…

Hamza, Olivia, Jesse, Erica, Ryan, Derek

Host Maddy

Wendy’s sponsored competition called Fresh off thr Block.

They have to walk across a fence beam then jump on veggies in their garden to get to the frozen section. They then have to smash this block of ice to get a ball, then go back across the garden and beam, to throw the ball at 7 veggie targets.

The player to knock down all their targets first, wins the POV and a $5000 cash prize.

Hamza is in the lead for most of the competition with Jesse right on his tail. Jesse tries to find a special key in his garden that will unlock a bigger tool to smash his ice with…but he wastes alot of time looking for the key and ends up giving up when Hamza only has 1 target left.

Jesse can’t catch up…

Hamza wins the Power of Veto.

Jesse attitude sticks and it rubs Hamza the wrong way. Derek tells Jesse to keep his cool and not ruin his game.

Houseguests get a Hasbro pizza game night party in the HOH room.

Game is call Hearing Things.

Derek tries to push Hamza and tell him what moves to make. This really annoys Hamza. He has a talk with Merron, that he is thinking of using the Veto on Olivia and put Derek on the block next to Jesse.

POV Ceremony

Jesse mentions that Hamza promised him on personal things and he should keep his word.

Hamza does not use the Veto

Jesse interrupts Hamza and tells the house Hamza is not keeping his word he promised to take me off the block.

Hamza keeps his cool. Jesse looks like fool.

Tune in tonight at 8pm EST to find out who will be evicted Jesse or Olivia.

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