Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update: Conspiring and cleaning


A cleaning task and the upcoming eviction vote has the house hopping.

Nominee Jesse is doing his best to convince others that Olivia is not to be trusted at all while his bro Derek is scheming on how to save his friend.

Talking alone on the couches upstairs both agreed that they want to be working with Veronica.

“She wants to be here long-term. She wants to work with people who are competitive. She knows we want to win and go far,” said Derek confirming to Jesse that Veronica has his back and will be voting Olivia out this week.

“Anyone on planet Earth would be stupid to vote you out. We know we have Paras. Maddy doesn’t like Olivia. Will has said he is going to do what I do so I just got to make sure I hang out with him some more to make sure that is all good,” said Derek. Jesse stated that he needs to tag along with Will the next few days.

“You got Erica’s voted I think too,” said Derek.

“There are two sides of the house with two different types of people,” explained Jesse as Derek promised to “do some work” with Johnny too.

“I am not even going to waste my time on Merron,” scoffed Jesse.

“Don’t. I will do it for you,” Derek promised.

“I think if we get through this week, nobody is gonna f—k with us,” said Jesse. “Us pulling this off is going to guarantee us four weeks.”

Derek wondered what Alejandra is going to do when Olivia is voted out.

“She is going to do whatever she has to,” predicted Jesse.

Jesse and Derek agreed to target Hamza next week if they can.

“If he is gone, we have the best chances of winning HoH,” said Derek.

“What a f—–g little rat,” Jesse said of Hamza. “Like, why the f—k would you do that? We had a thing.”

On the lighter side of things, the house was given a task Tuesday morning.

The message from Big Brother read: “Hello, houseguests. You guys know that it is hard work living together in a house of 14 people and it is an even tougher job keeping the house clean. Now, it is time to put your cleaning skills to the test…and your dancing skills! Big Brother is giving you 30 minutes to transform this place from filthy to fantastic but when you hear Big Brother’s music play, you must clean and dance at the same time. If you successfully clean the house, everyone will earn a tasty reward but be careful, if Big Brother catches you not dancing to the music, you will earn a strike. Three strikes and no reward for anyone.”

The houseguests immediately scrambled, scrubbed and shimmied to their heart’s content.

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