Big Brother Canada: Recap For March 19, 2018


We start the episode with a recap from last week’s POV competition. Were we have Hamza and Andrew on the block. Erica won the power of Veto but did not use it and Andrew was evicted from the Big Brother Canada house.

Tonight we will see the conclusion of the HOH competition and Nominations.

HOH Competition

The houseguests have been divided up into pairs and must work together as a team. Each players is in a crate, they must work together to transfer fruit to each other from one end of the course to the other end. The team that transfers all their fruit first wins but then they must decide who among them gets to be the HOH.

The pairs pick by random draw are…

Hamza & Veronica
Jesse & Alejandra
Paras & Merron
Olivia & Maddy
Derek & Kaela
William & Johnny

Erica didn’t get picked for a team so she is not playing but she gets safety for week.

For most of the competition Hamza/Veronica and Derek/Kaela are neck in neck.

Olivia realize that her and Maddy are not going to win so she tries to block the Gate Crashers, Merron and Veronica from winning. She really wants the house to target them.

It’s really close at the end Hamza/Veronica only need 1 banana and Derek/Kaela need 1 red apple.

Hamza places his banana just before Derek places his apple.

Hamza/Veronica win the competition. Veronica says she knows Hamza is missing his fiance Carolyn so she will let him have the HOH so he can see her in a video.

Hamza is the new HOH.

Hamaz wants to shake up the house. He’s tired of just going with what the house wants. No one should feel safe this week.

We see another 4 person alliance is formed in the white bedroom Paras, William, Veronica and Maddy. The also want to target Olivia because she has been throwing Maddy and Veronica name around.

Hamza gets his HOH room and a video from his fiance Carolyn.

Hamza his one on one chat with Merron he wants to target Olivia or the showmance of Derek and Kaela. Merron doesn’t think Olivia is a big threat in the game and tries to convince him other wise. They weight the pros and cons.

Have-nots Competition called “Will You Showmance”

Dating game type of competition. Hamza is the host. Big Brother as Hamza to choose 4 couples to compete.

Veronica and Will, Merron and Erica, Derek and Kaela, Paras and Jesse are all paired together.

The 2 pairs with the most points will be haves for the week. The 2 losing pairs will be the have-nots for the week.

In the end Derek/Kaela and Merron/Erica lose the competition and are Have-nots for the week. All pairs are handcuffed together for the night because they agreed too it for an extra point.

Veronica (and Will) try to push Hamza to put up Olivia and Alejandra for nominations. Veronica really wants Olivia out and wants Alejandra to freak out. Veronica believes she should get a say because she helped/gave Hamza the HOH.

Hamaz doesn’t think nominating Oliva and Alejandra will cause chaos in the house.

Hamza invited Derek to have a Wendy’s take-out meal in the HOH. They also have their little chat. They talk about maybe working together with Jesse and Will…running the house Derek wants Alejandra and Olivia on the block.

Olivia has her one on one, while Will and Veronica are listening in the HOH bathroom tub. Olivia pushes for the Gate Crashers (Veronica and Merron) to be targeted. Veronica hears this and is not happy at all.

Paras pushes Hamaz for Alejandra and Olivia to go up. He tells him she thinks they can work with Jesse and Derek and Kaela. (Paras has a 4 person secret alliance wih them) but in the end she tells him she will support what he wants.

Jesse pushes for Alejandra, Olivia or Ryan and if he were target anyone else it would be a big mistake.

Time for nominations Hamza enters the throne room….

Jesse and Olivia are nominated.

Tune in Wednesday at 7PM EST to see the POV competition and if it can save Jesse or Olivia.

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