Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update: Veto win opens backdoor possibilities


With the Veto win, a whole new set of possibilities have opened in the Big Brother house including the chance to backdoor a popular target.

Hamza, this week’s Head of Household, holds all of the power this week as he also won the Power of Veto and a $5000 cash prize. Hamza can either leave his nominations of Jesse and Olivia alone or he could change things up as he sees fit. The only person he cannot nominate is Erica who has safety for the week as she was drawn last in the HoH competition.

In the HoH room on the live feeds, Hamza spoke about his options with Veronica and Will.

“Another reason I think we should do it is because he feels he is getting away with it. He thinks he has control of this house right now and I would love to see him on the block so he knows we are not f—–g idiots. Again, we can make him think that we are sending him because we are telling Olivia she is safe,” Veronica said about Ryan.

“I keep thinking about a double eviction. If a double eviction comes and it is a true or false, anyone could win that. The last thing we want to do right now, if we send Jesse home, Derek and Kaela would put two of us up. They are going to be pissed off. If we pull him (Jesse) down, they will owe us everything and the fact that we don’t put Alejandra up, she will owe us everything,” said Hamza backing the plan of possibly backdooring Ryan.

Hamza thinks that if they make Jesse safe it will cement their relationships with both sides of the house and doesn’t think anyone will come after them this week.

“I have solidified myself with a lot people in the house and I am in a great position but if they are smart, they would get rid of me because I am good at competitions. I won two in a row and I was close to winning the one last week as well. I won $5,000 so that is an even bigger target. If I leave this week or next week, at least I will leave with my head held high and I get to see Carolyn which is an even bigger bonus for me,” Hamza said to the live feeders. Carolyn is Hamza’s fiance.

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