Big Brother Canada: Recap For March 15, 2018


HOH spoiler at the end of my recap.

We start tonight’s show with a recap Ryan won HOH and nominated Andrew and Hamaz for eviction. Last night’s show we saw a Tomb Raider Movie themed Power of Veto competition which Erica won and did not use.

The house desperately wants Andrew gone. Ryan would rather keep Andrew around over Hamaz so he makes attempts to save Andrew and get Hamza evicted. He tells a group of houseguests in the hot tub area that they should be evicting Hamaz because he’s a better player then Andrew. This background campaigning rubs Veronica the wrong way and she calls a house meeting to expose that Ryan is trying to flip the vote against Hamza.

Time for the eviction…

Derek votes for Andrew
Erica votes for Andrew
Jesse votes for Andrew
Johnny votes for Andrew
Kaela votes for Andrew
Olivia votes for Andrew
Maddy votes for Andrew
Paras votes for Andrew
William votes for Andrew
Alejandra votes for Andrew

By a vote of 10-0 Andrew has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada Season 6 house. Andrew ran up the stairs and out the door even before Arisa finished her line. He didn’t say goodbye to anyone.

We get to see the start of the HOH competition. The houseguests have been divided up into pairs and must work together as a team.

Each players is in a crate, they must work together to transfer fruit to each other from one end of the course to the other end. The team that transfers all their fruit first wins but then they must decide who among them gets to be the HOH.

Erica wasn’t picked in the draw so she is not playing but she gets safety for week.

Tune Monday night at 9pm EST to find out who won the HOH competition and who will they nominate.


Veronica and Hamaz won the competition…Hamza became the new HOH.

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