Big Brother Canada: Recap for March 14, 2018


On the last episode of Brother Canada we saw Ryan win the HOH competition and nominated Andrew and Hamaz for eviction. Tonight we will see if the power of Veto can save either of them from eviction….if it’s not use one of them will be sent home.

We pick up after the nominations Ceremony. In DR Ryan tells us he nominated his 2 closet allies because this is what the house wants.. he has to think of his long term game. The only way to get the house behind him is by putting his 2 closet allies up on the block. But he doesn’t want either of them to leave. He wants one of them to win the Veto.

Hamza reminds us in the DR that he asked Ryan to put him up so he can win the Veto and take himself down….he did the want to be backdoored.

Andrew tells us he’s annoyed by Ryan’s nominations. Ryan told him he was going up because that’s what the house wanted He wanted Ryan to make a big move.

Andrew makes his way to HOH to talk to Ryan about his disappointment. Ryan tells him to win Veto. He has a backdoor plan he wants one of them to win the Veto, used it and Ryan would put up Olivia.

Time to pick players for the POV competition…

Playing in the POV are HOH Ryan, 2 nominates Andrew and Hamaz and 3 players chosen by a random draw…

Ryan picks Johnny
Hamaz picks Erica
Andrew picks Jesse
Host Alejandra

After Ryan pushes the 3 pick players (Johnny, Erica, Jesse) to throw the competition.

They discuss this with other houseguests and they come to the conclusion that Ryan wants to backdoor someone.

This week’s Tomb Raider Movie themed Power of Veto competition.

Have to untie their hands and hit a target with a arrow. Once the target is hit they can run and get a puzzle pieces. The must collect all their puzzle peices before solving the puzzle. The first house guests to solve their puzzle and open thr tomb wins the POV.

They POV winner will also receive a $5000 cash prize and get to see a advance screen of the Tomb Raider movie.

Everyone struggles with this competition Andrew and Ryan physically can’t do this competition.

Erica wins the POV.

Ryan tries hard to convince Erica to use the Veto. He tells her he would put Maddy up and get her out of the game. Andrew and Hamaz also pushed her to use the POV one of them…they promise her the world. But I the end she confirms to Andrew that she plans on not using the power of veto.

POV Ceremony Erica decided NOT use the Veto.

Tune Thrusday night to see if Andrew or Hamza will be evicted out of the Big Brother Canada 6 house.

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