Big Brother Canada: Opinions, Odds, and Predictions for 3/15/2018


by MattD

Hello once again everybody!!! Well Season Six of Big Brother Canada is under way. When Andrew gets evicted tonight, there will be 14 people once again in the house. Although we haven’t had all that much drama to speak of as yet, I feel it’s building. This has the potential to be a good season. I’m still trying to sort everyone out, but there’s plenty to discuss. These are my thoughts;

Is this the last season ? As most of you know, this show was on life support, and for awhile looked as if it wasn’t coming back, but lots of people including many of you went out of your way to contact Global and save it. Keep in mind I didn’t think the show was going to be saved to begin with, but if it’s announced it won’t be returning, I doubt it’ll be saved a second time. But keep up the good fight, and hey maybe Global would do an internet version of this show if nothing else. There’s hope.

Different people, same roles: We have our usual “Kasst” again this season. About 12 people in their 20’s, 2 or 3 of the girls openly talking about being in a showmance when introducing themselves, etc. Now admittedly, the casts in Canada have been more likeable than the ones here using the same format, and I know I complain about this too much but it’s every season. I mean if they did the cast this way once or twice, it’d be ok. I don’t have a preference for “what kind” of people I want on the show. I want ALL kinds of people on the show. I want young people, old people, married people single people, Caucasians , minorities, I want every kind of adult, short, tall, fat, skinny, average, whatever. I think this can be a good cast this season, not saying you can’t have a good cast doing it this way, but in general they need more variety.

Odds: Once again these are odds strictly to win, not to just make the finals. As of right now, I’m not ruling anyone out that’s still going to be in the game after tonight’s show. There’s going to be 14 people in the house , so even the ones with the best odds are long shots at this point. There’s not much to separate people at this juncture.

Erica 10-1
Kaela 10-1
Johnny 10-1
Derek 11-1
Will 11-1
Hamza 12-1
Jesse 13-1
Paras 13-1
Maddy 14-1
Ryan 14-1
Veronica 14-1
Merron 14-1
Ali 15-1
Olivia 15-1
Andrew 100-1

Erica 10-1: I like her, I think she’s a good player, and she can obviously win comps. That being said, if I was in the house she might be someone I’d target. Not sure how good of an ally she’d be. She looks like someone that could win though.

Kaela 10-1: It’ll be interesting to see how well and how long the “Real Deal” alliance ends up being.

Johnny 10-1: I thought he had a pretty decent first week of HOH. It’s hard enough as it is, but when it’s week 1 and you only have six people to choose from , that can really be dicey. I’ll admit getting rid of Rozina isn’t exactly taking out a huge target, but he avoided getting a lot of blood on his hands.

Derek 10-1: The typical Big Brother alpha.

Will 11-1: He came close to winning the 2nd HOH. Looks like he could be a threat in physical comps as well.

Hamza 12-1: I don’t think he’s sitting too badly at this point. I like him a lot more than I originally thought I would. I hope e’s around awhile at least.

Jesse 13-1: Another part of “The Real Deal”

Paras 13-1: Like with Jesse too early to tell.

Maddy 14-1: They’re figuring out she’s really smart. We’ll see if that gets her targeted sooner or not.

Ryan 14-1: For being a genius or whatever, I sure wasn’t impressed. To do a backdoor this early in the game you really have to have a lot of people cooperating, and with that many people to choose from there was no need to put Andrew and Hamza on the block. I’m not saying he can’t come back and have a chance, but I don’t think he helped himself.

Veronica 14-1: She could be targeted still if the wrong person wins HOH but I thought both her and Merron handled themselves well.

Merron 14-1: I think he could make a good run in this game, really seems to be doing well socially.

Ali 15-1: I like her well enough but she really seems to be increasing the target on her back.

Olivia 15-1: Get the feeling she could be the next one out the door after Andrew.

Andrew 100-1: With tem letting two more people in the game it makes it seem to me to be pretty unlikely they’d bring anyone back so I think this is it for him. He ad to send seven people to Heaven and Hell, and worse yet, he didn’t have a chance to make any deals from it. If he had, he could have made himself safe with the other people he sent to Heaven. He didn’t do himself any favors by being so overbearing last week trying to save Rozina either.

Predictions: Andrew evicted 10-0 (or 12-0 if Veronica and Merron can vote, I forget if that was announced or not). Who’s going to win HOH? How about Hamza? Sounds good.

Ok I’ll see you in 2 weeks. I’ll be in Chicago next week. Enjoy the show!!!

MattD (@MattD34 on twitter)

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