Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update: Scheming targets Erica, Alejandra


In preparation for who might win this week’s HoH some of the houseguests are already planning their next moves.

Chatting outside away from the rest of the house, Paras and Will touched base.

“The three of them are getting pretty strong in there: Jesse, Erica and Derek,” said Will adding Kaela to the mix.

“Erica is the one I am the most scared of. She is with everyone. She is so good emotionally. She has a way of getting in with everyone,” whispered Paras.

“She has to go because she is good with that four, she is good with the other four,” continued Paras. “She is actually not here for friendship. She doesn’t care.”

“We just cannot let them win HoH so study as much as you can,” Will advised.

Paras reminded Will not to alert other people to the fact that they are secretly studying.

“She (Alejandra) has to go. Erica has to go. Olivia has to go. Johnny has to go. Those four have to go,” said Paras while Will included Jesse on the hit list. Paras reminded Will not to underestimate Olivia, Alejandra or more importantly, Erica.

“You saw Erica beat out five dudes. She is so f—–g good. Her social game is amazing. Erica is a star player, all around. Physical. Mental. Social. She is a triple threat. She is hilarious. She is gorgeous,” warned Paras.

Later on, Erica and Jesse bounced strategy off one another in one of the bedrooms.

They speculated that if Merron won HoH he would probably nominate two women.

“You would assume because then maybe he could rally a bro thing,” said Erica.

They guessed that Merron might put up Maddy and Paras as those noms would go over with the least resistance.

“For me, and this is going to be so naïve to say, I feel decent if anyone wins Hoh,” Erica declared.

“The thing is, we are not threats but we look like we could be threats in our respective little groups. So, a time will come for the both of us. It is just not right now,” Jesse speculated.

“You don’t want to go to war and lose either. If you take a shot, you have to hit,” said Jesse.

“Quote, Ika,” said Erica giving props to the Big Brother alumni.

What is bugging Erica though is she doesn’t know who the twos or threes are in the bigger groups. That will be important for them to figure out. Jesse said he sees three pairs. They agreed that Alejandra is too much of a wild card.

“I feel that she isn’t afraid to be the one to go against her own alliance. She is the boldest of the people in this room,” said Erica.

Adding to that, Jesse said that Ryan told him Alejandra tried to make a secret alliance with him. They pinky swore not to tell anyone else.

“I haven’t told anyone else this in the house but I would have been fine with Alejandra going home Week One,” said Erica.

“Me too,” Jesse agreed.

They also talked about Maddy and how she has spread herself far too thin and is unpredictable as well.

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