Big Brother Canada: Recap For March 12, 2018


By Sparks

We start the episode with a recap as to what has happened so far. Johnny was the 1st HOH of the season he nominated Rozina and Alejandra for eviction. Johnny also works the POV and didn’t use it. Rozina was evicted from the house with a ll-0 vote. Canada also voted in 2 Gate Crashers into the house Veronica and Merron.

Tonight we will see the how the Gate Crasher handled entering the house. They have some rules to follow they can not let the other houseguests know Canada voted them in, they also have safety for the week. We will also see HOH competition and Nominations.

Prior to Rozina’s eviction we are shown a clip of Andrew trying to flip the vote and get Alejandra out. Other houseguests didn’t like this very much found Andrew too pushy.

We start with the Gate Crashers greeting the other houseguests telling the other houseguests a “story” of how they got into the house.

No one is buying their story. No one wants to work with them. Everyone thinks they have been watching them in a secret room for the past week.

DR-Merron tells us he so happy to be in the house but knows no one is buying their story.

Merron bonds with Andrew.

Time for the HOH competition…

All houseguests sitting around a bar. Out going HOH Johnny is the bartender…

The comp is called “Right in the Kisser”

Houseguests had filled out a questionnaire about their first impressions of each other.

The first person to buzz in for this competition will have to toss a drink in the face of the houseguest they believe were the answers to the survey question.

If they answer correctly that player picks another player to eliminate…or cut off.

If they are incorrect the player that answered wrong would be eliminated.

Veronica and Merron are sitting out of this competition.

1st round

Andrew buzzes in first and tosses his drink into Ryan’s face. Which is the correct answer, eliminates Olivia.

2nd round

Erica buzzes in first. Tosses her drink in Derek’s face. This correct and she eliminates Andrew.

3rd round

Maddy buzzes in first. Tosses her drink know on herself which is incorrect, the answer was Kaela. Maddy is eliminated.

4th round

Jesse buzzes in 1st. He tosses his drink at Kaela. Which is incorrect. Answer was Paras…Jesse is out.

5th round

Paras buzzes in 1st. She tosses her drink at herself . Which is incorrect. Answer was Olivia…Paras is out.

6th round

Kaela buzzes in 1st. She tosses her drink at Hamza . Which is correct. She eliminates Hamza.

7th round

Derek buzzes in 1st. He tosses his drink Will. Which is incorrect. Derek is out.

8th round

Ryan buzzes in 1st. He tosses his drink Andrew. Which is correct. He eliminates Kaela.

9th round

Erica buzzes in 1st, tosses her drink at Ryan which is incorrect. Erica is out.

10th round

Alejandra buzzes in 1st. She tosses her drink at Andrew. Which is incorrect.

She is out.

Ryan and Will are the only 2 left.

Last round

Will buzzes in 1st. He tosses his drink at Hamaz. Which is incorrect. Will is out.

Ryan is the new HOH.

Erica feels the need to talk to Andrew because she eliminated him in the HOH competition. They have been friends since day1. She says she only did it because the house is against him.

Chat doesn’t go well.

The whole house is against Andrew. He tries to apologize to Erica and Olivia for her behavior towards them

Ryan gets his HOH room and video of his oldest son.

Have-not reveal. Ryan gets to pick 4 Houseguests to be the have-nots for the week he chooses Jesse, Derek, Hamza and Erica.

Ryan talks to everyone 1 on 1 to see who they want up. He believes this one on one time will help the him gain trust with the house. Up to this point no one else has talked game with him.

Hamaz is worried he will be backdoored and not get a chance to play in the POV.

So he asks Ryan to put him up so he doesn’t get blindsided.

Ryan agrees to this…

Time for nominations…Ryan enters the throne room.

Ryan’s nominations are….

Hamza and Andrew.

Tune in to Big Brother Canada Wednesday night 8PM EST. For the POV completion and Ceremony.

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