Big Brother Canada: Accusations at house meeting


A house meeting meant to call out a hardcore player didn’t work out as intended today.

Veronica, the server and student from Ottawa, initiated the meeting with the purpose of putting outgoing HoH Ryan on the spot for his game play.

“I called this meeting to get some stuff off my chest. Loyalty is very big for me. I pride myself on honesty when I am outside of the house and when I am in the house that doesn’t change. It is very hard for me to look people in the eye and lie to them. That being said, Ryan, when I first came in it seemed the house consensus was to put up Hamza and Andrew on the block and send Andrew home. Recently, you have tried to flip the house a little bit in terms of sending Hamza home this week and keeping Andrew,” said Veronica challenging Ryan.

“I will explain my thought process and I will do it right to his face. I am happy to do that,” Ryan interrupted.

“Every single person sat in the HoH room with me and I asked everyone the exact same question: Fast forward the game a specific amount of time, who would your targets be at that time? The vast majority of you gave me answers and I have sat in that HoH room by myself all day. Did anyone come in and talk to me today? No. So, I am a man without allies and a man without allies in a game that requires bullets to be fired can shoot indiscriminately into a crowd,” Ryan declared.

“I feel you are a stronger competitor. The will of the house, collectively, has been that there is a back-to-back week plan,” Ryan stated to Hamza directly. “I am not trying to flip the house on Hamza. I am just asking the question. I am not backstabbing anyone. If you had asked me if Hamza knows what I am saying, I would have told you he knows. We spoke about it. He is a more dangerous competitor than Andrew.”

Ryan reminded everyone that he connects with Andrew since they are both older people but the house consensus still seems to be that Andrew is leaving this week.

“Anything I have ever done is my word and my bond. I haven’t lied to anyone,” said Ryan. “I am not flipping the house. I am just asking the question.”

“I appreciate you trying to call me out and place a big ass target on me and that is fine. Bring it,” said Ryan to Veronica.

“I am not trying to beef you right now,” said Veronica.

“Really? You called this house meeting to call me out singly,” argued Ryan.

Veronica explained that she just wanted to speak her mind and get some answers.

“You could have asked me privately instead of calling a house meeting. You never took that opportunity. I have been alone in the HoH all day,” said Ryan.

After the meeting, Erica commented on Veronica and the meeting.

“If you don’t have a brain that is not Ryan’s fault that you are a dumb ass. It is not Ryan’s fault that he is more intelligent than you,” she told other houseguests in the storage room.

At today’s Veto Ceremony, Erica did not use the power so either Hamza or Andrew will be leaving this week.

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