Big Brother Canada: Paras reveals her plan


Paras has it all worked out. The law student from Vancouver spoke to the live feed cameras this afternoon and detailed her strategy going forward in the game.

“Nobody is watching this. I am probably just talking to myself,” Paras laughed as she began thinking out loud.

“Man, I really want to play both sides for a while. I don’t want to have to choose yet. If it comes down to Hamza or Andrew winning (the Veto) then Olivia is going up and I have to make a decision. I really don’t want to do that as I am sitting pretty good right now. I am sitting pretty. I have two good alliances on both sides,” she whispered.

HoH Ryan has nominated Hamza and Andrew for eviction. The Power of Veto Competition is scheduled to be played today.

Paras implored her allies to play it safe for now.

“Come on, you guys. Think smart. There is no need for big moves right now. Not for a couple of weeks,” she instructed as if they could hear her.

“And listen, Canada. You are not going to be bored. They are going to cut each other’s throats. They are going to go at it. They are going to fight it out. I am just saying that I don’t want to take any shots…yet. I am going to earn my win, don’t you worry. I am going to take big shots and I am going to get big players out. It is just too soon right now. It is way too soon right now. I just have to keep reminding them not to let Andrew or Hamza to win Veto. We go with the “plan” this week. Don’t backdoor anyone and we will cross the bridge when we get to it,” she said.

Indicating that Will and Maddy are her closest allies at the present time, Para expressed her concern over how Will wants to play.

“We have an easy three weeks ahead of us but I feel that Will doesn’t see that. He is doing so well. He is such a good guy. Everyone loves him in the house. Why is he trying to make himself a target right now? Yes, win HoH but go with the house for a little bit and then show Canada what you are made of. Take big shots when you can afford to. You do that now? We are blacklisted. We are done. Hamza and Andrew have terrible social games,” she explained.

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