Big Brother Canada: Live feeds to return on Monday after strange outage


Big Brother Canada 6 certainly hasn’t won over many new fans this weekend — after all, the live feeds went down prior to the start of the Veto Competition and following that, they’ve been off ever since.

Sunday evening, the series officially announced via Twitter that feeds are not going to return until Monday at 12:00 p.m. Eastern time, give or take. Why? That’s a very good question, given that this sort of feed outage typically only happens on weekends with an instant eviction. That presumably hasn’t happened here.

Now, it’s easy to go on some huge rant against the show and we absolutely want to — after all, they credit the fans with giving them a sixth season only to leave many of them sitting around the feeds all weekend waiting to see if they are going to have them back. Yet, it’s a little early to condemn the feeds being down without knowing precisely why. It’s certainly possible that there was an emergency or some sort of serious situation in the house that needs to be resolved; with that, the production team may be waiting until all of the conversation around it is said and done before bringing feeds back. Big Brother Canada, especially after its move to Global, has shown itself to be infinitely more protective of its players than the US players. Why? They feel for starters like they can because nobody is actually spending money on feeds; also, they have a lot of sponsors and don’t want there to be anything too controversial out there that could compromise that.

Whatever went down, it doesn’t see as though the plan was for a weekend without feeds.

Here’s where Big Brother Canada loses us slightly: The lack of transparency. Take, for example, last night. If they knew that the feeds weren’t returning until the morning or later, why not say that? Meanwhile, why not just say earlier today that the feeds could be down for a little while? It’s that lack of information that is frustrating, especially since we’ve waited for so long for the season to start and there was only a short period of live feeds before the outage.

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