Big Brother Canada 6 live feed spoilers: Week 2 nominations, whining


Our Big Brother Canada 6 live feed update for this evening is really rather simple, mostly because the major focus of it at the moment is on what exactly happened with nominations.

Given that Ryan told both Hamza and Andrew earlier in the day that the two of them were both going on the block, this was a pretty darn easy one to call. He recognizes that the two of them are the outsiders of the house right now and everyone seems to want Andrew to go. We actually understand why based on some of his conversations. The way he looked at Erica the moment after he arrived in the house gave us a pretty good sense that his social game was a little bit lacking in the “communicating with women” department; since that time, he’s largely confirmed that and his conversations with Hamza have fallen into the obnoxious dude-bro department most of the time that we’ve seen the two of them together.

To make matters all the more ridiculous, these two guys spent a good bit of their time over the course of the past few hours complaining about how everyone else is playing: It’s the classic move of someone who is outside of the majority alliance of the Big Brother house to complain and feel as though that other people are not playing the game properly. Hamza feels like everyone else is playing summer camp and not being competitive enough. What he doesn’t quite seem to get here is that acting like it’s summer camp IS A GREAT STRATEGY THE FIRST FEW WEEKS. Sit back and let other people implode, and that is what so many people are doing. They are biding their time while some of the other people in the game go home. Right now the biggest ones are Andrew and Hamza, and even though Ryan has talked about Olivia as a backdoor target, we’re not altogether sure he will be able to wrangle the votes to do anything about it.

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