Big Brother Canada: Recap for March 8, 2018


by Sparks

Tonight on Big Brother Canada we will get to see Johnny’s nominations, the POV competition/Ceremony and the 1st eviction of the season. Plus we get to find do out which guy and which girl Canada voted into the game.
The Gate Crashers are…


Merron from Edmonton AB,
Veronica from Ottawa ON



Michael from Toronto ON,
Kirsten Calgary AB.

Arisa welcomed us back and we get sent to a clip recapping what happened last night.

Johnny tells us it’s great he won the HOH but now he has to nominate 2 people he doesn’t even know. Also, the pool of people he has to pick from is very small as half the house is safe. He says he’s conflicted wants to pick 2 people that will put the least blood on his hands.

Johnny gets his heavenly HOH room.

Johnny has his meetings with everyone one by one his plan is play the sad helpless, undesive, hotmess puppy dog…so the other houseguests doesn’t see him as a threat.

Johnny tells Rozina that he’s probably putting her up. She tells him the girls are just playing him. Rozina wants to work with him.

Time for nominations Johnny enters the throne room to make his nominations.

Johnny nominations are…

Rozina, because she was cheering for Paras to win and Alejandra, because she fell first.

A alliance of 4 was formed called

The Real Deal

Kaela, Derek, Paras and Jesse,

Time for the POV competition called


Playing in the competition are….

Host Kaela

POV winner is Johnny!

POV Ceremony Johnny has chosen not to use the POV.

Hamza is pushing others to keep Rozina and evict Alejandra.

Time for the 1st eviction of the season..

William votes for Rozina
Erica votes for Rozina
Ryan votes for Rozina
Paras votes for Rozina
Jesse votes for Rozina
Maddy votes for Rozina
Olivia votes for Rozina
Derek votes for Rozina
Hamza votes for Rozina
Kaela votes for Rozina
Andrew votes for Rozina

By a vote of 11 to 0 Rozina has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house.

Arisa has a little chat with Rozina about her exit from the house.

Return from commercial break to find out which 2 Gate Crashers were voted by Canada into the house…

Veronica and Merron will be entering the BBCan house.

Houseguests inside have no clue as to what is happening.

Arisa gives Veronica and Merron rules…

They can not tell the other houseguests that Canada voted then in.

They will entering the via the DR they have to come up with a believable story to tell the other houseguests as to why they are there.

They both will be safe for the week.

They are escorted into the DR…they hug and start to come up with a story to tell the other houseguests.

We flip back to Arisa who sends us to a commercial break.

We return to Arisa reminding the 2 Gate Crashers of the rules as they are about to enter the house.

They officially leave the DR and enter he house. Everyone else in shock gather around to greet the new houseguests.

Then back to Arisa she tells us to turn in on Monday at 9pm EST to find out how the Gate Crashers did with their stories and to see who wins the HOH competition.

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