Big Brother Canada: Recap for March 7, 2018


by Sparks

Show starts with a dark masked figure sitting on a throne of feathers.

Arisa’s voice says…

Enter the new realm of Big Brother…where he controls everything both in the light and in darkness.

We see a women wake from the crypt and her eyes turn yellow…follows a path

Arisa continues…

Witness the resurgence and step into a season of mythic proportions.

When you are on top it’s magic but in a flash your wildest dreams can descend into a nightmare. Forcing the question are you an angel or a devil. Destined to triumph or fail.

Big Brother will make you confront the darkness inside you…because if you want to be the last one standing the only way to survive is to fight.

We see a sword battle between a woman and man in a medieval castle. The women wins…but more fighters come out of the shadows…fighter fight on the bottom part of the house angels on the top level. The dark figure looks down at the battle.

Arisa continues….

This season on Big Brother Canada the battle between heaven and he’ll rages on but once the dust settles the only one with power is you.

The dark figure removes his mask and random face appear…you equals the fans.

Arisa appears on the stage…

Welcomes everyone to season 6 of Big Brother Canada. We are back! She thanks all the fans for making it happen. You saved us and for the next 10 weeks we plan on thanking you in a big bad way.

Unlike ever before this is YOUR season. Starting tonight Big Brother is set to give you the fans unprecedented new powers.

Let’s do this…Arisa asks do you want to see the house. Welcome to heaven and hell Big Brother style. We get a house tour.

As always, the BBCan house looks amazing.

We return to Arisa…lets us meet the first 5 Houseguests….we see a clip interducing the following houseguests…

Erica Hill from Toronto ON.
Age 23

William Kenny from Trepassey, N.L.
Age 25

Kaela Grant from Saint John N.B.
Age 25

Hamza Hatoum from Thunder Bay, ON age 27

Alejandra Martinez from Vancouver B.C Age 30

Arisa welcomes them to the stage…they enter the house. Once inside they are amazed at the house the start chatting and looking around the house.

We return to Arisa she says let’s meet the next 5 Houseguests.

Rozina Yaqub from Toronto ON
Age 49

Andrew Miller from Toronto ON
Age 36

Johnny Mulder from Victoria B.C.
Age 28

Jesse Larson from Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Age 24

Olivia Riemer from Guelph ON
Age 21

Arisa welcomes these 5 Houseguests on to the stage tells them I can’t tell you much but this season one minute you well feel like you are walking on a cloud the next you will tramped in a ring of fire.

They enter the house and greet the first 5 houseguests and check out the house.

After the commercial break Arisa says introduces us to the last 4 Houseguests.

Madeline “Maddy” Poplett from Ottawa ON. (My hometown woot!)
Age 25

Derek Kesseler from Beaumont, Alberta
Age 27

Ryan Ballantine from Calgary Alberta
Age 39

Parasol Atashnak from Vancouver B.C
Age 23

Arisa welcomes this final group to the stage. Chats will them for a moment then let’s them enter the house.

All 14 house mingle…we return to Arisa on stage she tells us the 1st boom shell of the season is about to happen. 1 houseguests is about to send 7 other houseguests straight to hell.

After the commercial break Arisa tells us that 14 houseguests are in the house and 1 of them is about to get enormous power.

She tells us before the 14 houseguests entered the house Big Brother placed 14 gobbets are on the table one of them has been marked. The person who choose it will be given a huge decision to make.

Arisa appears to the Houseguests she tells them to each grab a goblet.

Once they all have a glass Arisa says let’s raise a glass to Season 6.

Arisa makes them aware that one goblet is a little different…Andrew has the marked glass.

Arisa tells him to head to the Dairy Room.

Andrew enters the DR and all the house guests pictures are in front of him.

Arisa explains to him that he has to split the house in half.

7 houseguests on a heaven rack, they will live in heaven and be safe for the week.

7 houseguests on a hell rack, they live in hell, they will be on slop and will not get their personal belongings for the week. They will also be the only 7 to compete in the HOH competition. 2 of them will be nominated for eviction.

Arisa tells him to choose wisely…Andrew makes his picks.

Andrew returns to the living room and Arisa reveals Andrews picks.

Andrew puts himself in heaven along with…Ryan, Hamza, Derek, Erica, Jesse, Olivia

Hell group

Rozina, Johnny, William, Kaela, Maddy, Alejandra, Paras

Arisa tells the Hell group to get ready for the 1st HOH competition of the season.

HOH competition called Feel the Burn.

They are all standing against a wall the one who survives, the longest wins HOH.

The houseguests have to hold onto rocks and the wall tilts forward.

There is a wall of fire behind them that makes it really hot.

We get random DRs from this 7 about how hard this competition is they each want to win it.

Alejandra falls 1st

Maddy 2nd out

Rozina 3rd out

Kaela 4th out

Johnny, William and Paras are left Paras wants to make a deal. William is down for a deal but Johnny is unsure he wants to make a deal.

He tells us it’s the DR he doesn’t want to make a deal he won’t commit to anything.

William 5th out

Paras really wants Johnny to make a deal. Johnny won’t make a deal.

Paras 6th out.

Johnny wins HOH.

DR he tells use he is so happy he won.

Back to Arisa she tells us about the 4 other houseguests Canada has been voting on to let 2 of them into house.

1 man and 1 woman. The 2 that are chosen by Canada will enter the house tomorrow night.

Tune into BBCAN 6 Thursday March 8 at 8PM EST. To find out which 2 enter the house.

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