Big Brother Celebrity Finale Recap: February 25, 2018


Tonight is the season finale of Celebrity Big Brother opens with the final five duking it out to be the winner of the first ever Celebrity Big Brother in the US winning $250,000.

With Ross, Marissa, Ariadna, Mark, and Omarosa as final five, there are three more competitions to be played, and three more will be evicted.

When we last saw the houseguests they were hitting the slopes in a balancing act high up off the ground standing on a set of skis, circling the back yard. Ross is determined to win the competition, while Mark, who has been laying low, decides that it is time to step up. Omarosa is unable to play, so she is putting all her cards on Ari, in hopes that she would not put her up if she wins HOH.

Marissa is the first to fall. Ariandra has lost her balance, but she struggles, having never been on skiis. She tries valiently, but she falls off. This leaves Ross and Mark vying for the win of HOH. Ross trusts Mark totally, but he lets him know that he is safe. He says that he won’t backdoor him, nor put him up. Mark wants to win this HOH so he can guarantee his place in the final four. Mark struggles, while Ross looks steady. When the two men are close to each other, Omarosa feels they are talking deal. Although both men deny it, Omarosa wants to intervene and stop it. She points out that Ross looks like he is struggling. Omarosa says often that Mark is solid. Ross says that he wants a letter. Omarosa says that she wants to hear the deal. Mark tells her that it is a secret deal and she can just put her muffs back on an enjoy the mountain. Omarosa asks who is going to be backdoored, and Ross says no one. When Mark hears that Ross wants the letter, he decides to put his trust in Ross and drops. Ross wins Head of Household! He tells Mark again that he is totally safe.

In the diary room Omarosa says that she won’t be shocked if Ross does not put her up, but says that most of the champions have seen the block multiple times, so she is not going to panic. Ross tells us that he is so happy to be guaranteed final four.

Ross’ family is in the audience, and Julie reminds us that he has been playing both sides of the house and wonders where he will settle. Ross tells us that this is his last big opportunity to get Omarosa out. He says that his loyalty lies with both Mark and Marissa, but he decides that he will have to sit next to Mark because there are more women in the jury than men.

Ross tells us that when he was growing up there was no one on tv like him, and if he can hold his own against rock stars, super models, and Broadway stars, he can show others like him can win this, too.

Ross tells Arianda that she is going to go up against Omarosa, but she has every vote in the house to stay. The only worry is that Omarosa cannot win the veto. Ari tells him on her word that she will take him to final two. She is going to put her trust in him.

Ross nominates Omarosa and Ari for eviction. He says to Omarosa that she has nominated him twice and Ari because he wants her to fight for the Veto.

Everyone plays in the final Veto competition. This is a one at a time competition. It is a homepage of Their job is to get the story straight by matching the date tiles (day 22, day 14, etc.) They will only get one chance to place the dates, and the person who gets the most dates correct in the shortest amount of time wins Veto. They are walking a fine ledge with harness and rigging attached. Marissa has a hard time staying on the ledge and comments that she will not be playing Peter Pan on Broadway anytime soon. She feels she did not do well in her time, but she is a superfan and did work to memorize the days of the events in the house.

Mark wants to win to assure his own destiny. Mark feels confident and feels that he might have them all correct. Ross says that the stakes are huge and he does not want Omarosa to win the POV. Ross knows his dates, since he fell asleep running dates through his head. He is pretty sure his answers are right, but hopes it was fast enough to take home the Veto. Arianda feels this is the most important Veto of the season and she wants to guarantee her stay to final four. She knows the dates, and hopes she has a good time. Omarosa hopes she gets some sweet revenge and defeats Ross’ move to have her evicted. She says that her lungs are tight. She wants to get a number on each picture and get down as quickly as possible.

The results are:
Marissa got 8/8
Mark got 6/8
Ross got 8/8
Ariadna got 4/8
Omarosa got 1/8

Marissa got it in 12:31 and Ross got it in 5:42. Ross wins the Power of Veto. Omarosa says Ross won another competition. She has been wanting to get him out because he is a big threat, and she has been right. Ari looks at this as a good thing, because she has a promise to stay.

Ross calls the Veto Meeting. Ari tells Ross that she will not campaign against Omarosa, and she will accept what will come. Omarosa says she is so glad to be rooming with someone who believes, and she believes that Ariadna will finally win her crown and win Big Brother. Ross decides not to use the Power of Veto and nominations remain the same.

Julie calls the group for the live eviction. Ariadna and Omarosa take their seats in the nominations chair. Ari speaks and says that before coming in here people only knew her for two minutes of her life, but being here she hopes that they got to know the true person she is. She tells Omarosa that she is a true and wonderful person but she wants to stay and play the game. Omarosa says that she is a product of a praying mother and she believes that God is a God of many chances and is a God of able. We are facing a pivotal moment in our country and we need to come together and not allow our differences to divide us.

The votes:
Marissa votes to evict Omarosa.
Mark votes to evict Omarosa.

By a vote of two to zero, Omarosa is evicted from the Big Brother House. Omarosa stands and they tell her that they will see her soon. Ari says that her bag is heavy. They tell her to go kiss her husband. Omarosa tells Ari that she will see her in a few seconds.
She has a short wardrobe malfunction, but it is corrected.

Omarosa says that when she took out James, the biggest competitor in the game, she knew that she would become the target. She says that she has not had an opportunity to be herself, in a boardroom, and this was an opportunity to be without tv and to let her hair down. She says that she has been a super fan, and has watched for twenty seasons. She is honored to be here.

Julie asks her if she meant it when she said to Ross early in the season that our nation was not okay. Omarosa says that she has had a lot of time to think in the house, and her thoughts are that this was a devisive campaign and we have to come together as a nation to change things. She thanks everyone, from network officials to production, and when Julie tells her that she will be on The Talk tomorrow, Omarosa says she has won!

It is time for the last Head of Household competition. Everyone can compete. It is called “Hash It Out.” They will view six battles between former houseguests on social media. #Hashitout.

They show a conversation between Shannon and James with an incorrect statement. James posted an incorrect statement and Marissa gets a point. With Chuck and Keisha all got it right and got the point. Between Shannon and Metta, Metta got the incorrect statement and all were correct. Between Brandi and James James has the incorrect statement. All said James and all got the point. This next one is Brandi and Shannon. Shannon gave an incorrect statement. The last battle is between Brandi and James. Brandi was incorrect and there is a three way tie. Ross, Mark, and Marissa will be in a tie breaker with a number for the answer. The closest who did not go over will win, but if everyone is over, the one closest will win.
The question is the length of time for the Skiis competition in seconds. The correct answer is 600 seconds and Marissa is the winner of the final Head of Household.

Marissa must evict two houseguests, selecting the person she wants to face the jury against. Mark gets to make a plea and he says that the staff is professional and he is so proud of Marissa. Ari says that she loves all of them and Marissa is amazing and she is so proud of her. Ross tells her that he loves her and they talked about this. He has a friend for life in her and no matter what he loves her.

Julie tells Marissa that she has the finals and at least fifty thousand dollars. Marissa goes to the head of the living room and she says that she votes to evict Mark and Ari. She would not be here if it was not for Ross. She chooses to keep Ross and Ari and Mark tell her not to feel bad. Inside Ross and Marissa say this went exactly the way they wanted it to go.

Julie greets Ariadna and Mark. She asks if Marissa made a mistake taking Ross instead of one of them. Ari says that they deserve to be final two, and Mark says that they were tight as a fiddle and he can’t believe that they didn’t know each other before coming into the house. He believes they could not make any other choice. Mark says that there was a joy and spirit of camraderie among the four of them. He was here to compete and just lost a quarter million, and he is still happy. He says that you cannot anticipate what it is like to be in the Big Brother House. Mark says that everything that makes the world amazing is inside these doors. Mark says that he woke up every morning to a Laker’s champion on the other side of the bed. It can’t get better than that. Ari says that it was an amazing experience and the best one of her life.

Julie introduces us to the jury. They come out in order of eviction. Shannon wants to see Ross and Marissa out there with them. James does not want to see Mark out there. Omarosa comes out to join them. Ariadna is next and finally Mark joins them. Julie tells them that they will get to question the final two.

Marissa and Ross both say that the jury looks so good. Brandi asks what they regret most about how they played the game. Marissa says that there were moves to do to protect her and Ross, so it was so hard to protect other friends of her. Ross says that he regrets on day two being naive when he thought that he could keep his word. Because they are friends, Brandi, that is his biggest regret. James asks if it was most important to stay true to his word, or do what it takes to win the game. Ross says that you have to stay true to his character, but you have to be flexible and pivot. You have to choose a ride or die. He was true to his character, but there were times when he had to make a choice. Marissa says that she said something, she was being genuine at the time. It was easy to say, and then she had to figure out how to make it happen. Shannon asks Marissa why she deserves to win over Ross. She says that there are many things she did with Ross and he would have great ideas, but she did pick the right person, and she would listen to Ross, but try to stay true to her girls. She made great friends and tried to play a great game.
Ross says that he loved this game since day one and it is about having relationships with great people, pivoting, and winning competitions when you need to. Ross stepped aside his gameplay to give people what they needed, Keisha and Metta. Omarosa asks what their strategy was and what lie did they tell. Her biggest lie was when she lied to Chuck about knowing that he was going home. Ross says that he just did not share all the truth all the time.

Marissa says that she wants to win because she won this HOH and she played it well. She took Ross because she was true to their friendship and if she lost, she still won, because friendship is most important. Ross says that he loves this game, season one episode one and in the finale he was in the audience. He played hard and he loves football, and you don’t win in the first or second quarter, you win in the fourth quarter. He thanks them for an amazing game.

The jury votes:
Chuck says that he picked the person who played the fairest and straightest game.
Keisha says that she decided to vote for the person who was most upfront. She stays true to her word. It is who she is.
Shannon says she is voting for who she felt was a little more honest to her.
Metta is reminded to put in the key for the person he thinks should win. Metta says that he is voting for, he is closing his eyes and putting in a key.
Brandi says that she thinks that they both suck, no she loves them, but Marissa may be a little richer than he is, and she is voting for the shadiest person in the house.
James says that their speeches changed the way he is voting.
Omarosa says that she loves them both. She will see her tomorrow at the cook house. She says that she is voting for the person she loves so much and was not gunning for her the entire time.
Ariadna says that she is voting for the person who had the most honest game the entire season.
Mark says that it is so hard, like Sophie’s Choice. They both had more will and determination, and one person since day one…..

Julie has questions for the jury. Shannon was surprised that the two people she trusted the most stabbed her in the back. Marissa says that she knew that the only way to get her out was to backdoor her. She could never beat her. Keisha says that her intuition was so strong, and she asks if Ross was true to any alliances. She was true to James and Mark and Marissa and Brandi and Ari until he was on the block against Brandi. Metta says that Ross was amazing and he was amazed by the plays and the editing from production. He learned what a backdoor was. Brandi gets to let James see her goodbye message. She says that he annoys her. Julie likes that everyone has a sense of humor.

The votes:
The winner will receive $250,000 and runner up is $50,000.
Mark votes for Ross.
Ariadna votes for Marissa.
James votes for Marissa.
Metta votes for Ross.
Brandi votes for Ross.
Omarosa votes for Marissa.
Shannon votes for Marissa.
Keisha votes for Marissa.
Chuck’s votes for Marissa.

Marissa wins the first season of Celebrity Big Brother. She goes out and hugs her son, unable to look away from him. The houseguests gather around her. Marissa says that she feels crazy and her son is going to get the thing he asked for now. Julie says a lot of them thought she picked the wrong person and she said she had to, he was her ride or die. Ross is runner up with fifty thousand dollars.

America’s Favorite House guest is next. The top three, Shannon, James, and Ross, in no particular order. The winner is Ross. He is America’s Favorite House guest. He thanks America and thought that perhaps he was the villain. He is sorry that he had to lie, but it was Big Brother!

Summer Big Brother is just around the corner and is going to celebrate their 20th season.

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