Celebrity Big Brother: Opinions, Odds, and the Final Prediction


by MattD

A very pleasant hello to everyone! Here we are the final day of the first Celebrity Big Brother season. For me it’s been a fun season, and I have no idea when or if they’ll have another one. Omarosa will be leaving in 5th place barring a stunning reversal, Ross has now won the last three competitions and will be joined by Mark, Marissa, and Ari in the final 4. AS always there’s plenty to discuss so let’s get to it. These are my thoughts:

This went as well as it realistically could have gone: Yes two people more or less quit, and you’re going to have that problem with a Celebrity BB or a Celebrity anything for that matter. Should they have just dropped out, instead of pretty much demanding to be voted out? Well yes probably, but well I’ve heard about how much money they’re supposedly getting for this besides the prize money, and I’ll just say I bet they were told they stood to lose a lot of money if they just dropped out and left. So I’m guessing instead they just lobbied to be voted out. I don’t know what they got for doing this, but trust me it’s not a $750 stipend. I don’t know why they had to back load the evictions to the point there’d be 7 left two days before the finale, but that’s what we got. Anyway, usually on the last episode of the season they show the first two parts of the final HOH, then play part 3 live. This will be similar, they’ll show the HOH then the POV then the last HOH will be live of course.

My yearly grades: Just my opinion of how much I liked the season, just my two cents:

The Cast gets an A-. Would be an A+ but for the two that pretty much quit. I’m not holding my breath for future summer seasons, but overall they did a great job. What this cast proved was you can have plenty of drama with an older cast, and you can have plenty of drama without showmances.

The Twists get a B, There weren’t many of them which was good, I didn’t like that first one and at the time I thought “here we go”, but for the most part they let them play the game.

Feeds get a B. I didn’t get to watch much myself, but I heard very few complaints from those who did. We should get to see more comps on the feeds.

Production gets an A-. They usually do well promoting the show and everything. I really don’t like this format where the winner of the F4 HOH gets this much power. At the very least they should have had a double eviction the first Friday as well, so then you simply have a F3 HOH and not the 3 parts. Other than that though no complaints.

Last Word about he evicted House guests:

Chuck (11th): I liked the flip at the time, looking back I wish James had gone. Seems like a nice guy.

Keisha (10th): Seemed likeable enough, too bad she felt the need to do what she did.

Shannon (9th): Played the game way way too hard, was really upset at losing to the point of being irrational, and now will be a bitter jury member. It’s so so so so so cool that one of the celebs was like that. It’s great!!

Metta WP (8th): Disappointed he didn’t want to stay. But I’m glad people got to see what a nice person he generally is. His Big Brother IQ was near zero, but overall he’s well educated and seems intelligent. He wasn’t kidding when he called himself a mean competitor or whatever. He was known as kind of a head case when he played in the NBA, again I’m glad we got to see him for the person he is.

Brandi (7th): She’s someone I thought I’d just roll my eyes at, instead she was entertainingly blunt, which helped lead to her demise. She won’t win America’s Favorite Player but I’m hoping she makes the top 3. A couple of the things she said to Omarosa were out of line, but usually went she went after someone there was some truth to it.

James (6th): Friday night’s episode ended with the two people I wanted on the block.

Odds: Used to be by now we would know who the Final 2 were and know they’re reactions to the jury questions. These days we know who the final 3 are and who won the first 2 parts of the final HOH. This season there’s still 5 people left out of just 11. Omarosa will certainly finish 5th, and the final 4 HOH is probably a question and answer thing, where the winner evicts two people. Again just a reminder, if there’s bitter jury members that’s really not their problem, it’s up to the finalists to convince them to vote their way. Anyway here goes:

Ross 2-1
Ari 5-2
Mark 3-1
Marissa 5-1
Omarosa 50-1

Ross 2-1: I think he’s been the best player so far, been in so many alliances without getting a lot of blood on his hands, and now he’s winning these huge comps as well. But he hasn’t made it yet, and I’m not on the jury. People in the house are saying Marissa would win in the end, I don’t know that she would. If I had to guess, I’d guess that he’d win, but there’s way too much that can still go wrong for me to get him down to even-money. Based on what he’s done to this point, I’m giving him the best odds.

Ari 5-2: She’s pretty good at these comps and she hasn’t really pissed off too many people. I’ll make her the 2nd favorite based on that.

Mark 3-1: He’s gotten along with everyone while by his own admission pretty much being a floater. His chances of winning depend on just how pissed off and bitter the jury is. Shannon said in the house that under no circumstances would she vote for anyone in the Ross/Ari/Marissa/Brandi alliance under any circumstances. Now sounds like she amended that to Ross/Marissa. Mark’s clearly got a shot.

Marissa 5-1: The feed watchers really hate her, but now I watched that highlights show last night, and she’s asking the DR to send e-mails to people? Playing this game means you’re CUT OFF FROM SOCIETY, I hate it when people try to blatantly break the rules. I hope people are convinced she can win so no one takes her.

Omarosa 50-1: If this flips for some reason then put her up to 3-1. She really would have had a chance had she made the final 4. Her problem was she had no one to work with, she did quite well in spite of it. I’ve actually come around to liking her alright. We’ll see what she does next when she leaves the house.

Predictions: I’ll say Ari wins the final HOH, takes Ross and beats him 5-4. Just a wild hunch really. Any of the final 4 could win. The other prediction is if whoever finishes 2nd has any kind of fan-base we’ll here “he/she got robbed” and blame the non-sequestered jury. Now don’t forget 3 of the jury members will indeed be sequestered.

OK that’s it for this season ! See you in a few weeks for the BBCanada6!!

MattD (@MattD34 on twitter)

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