Big Brother Celebrity Recap: February 24, 2018


Tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother begins with the final five congratulating each other for making it to the end. As they sit at the table to reminisce over the season, we are treated to their conversation and playback to support or contradict it.

Omarosa says to Marissa that no one in the room can beat her in the final two. Omarosa tells us that she is the one who got James out, and she has been trying since the first eviction. Mark says that James is a good guy, the kind of guy he would want his daughter to marry. Omarosa admits that he was Mark’s homey.

Marissa and Ross scheme and decide that if Mark, Marissa, or Ross win HOH they are golden. Ross goes to Mark and tells him that if it comes to final two, he would pick him because he does not think that he can beat Marissa.

The final five chat over champaign and a sweet tray. Mark is fascinated by the fact that Marissa was a bathroom attendant in a strip club early in her career. She actually made more money at that job than she did in the Broadway show. Ross admits that he shoplifted when he was working in a woman’s store. In his defense, it was more unisex clothing. He says that he could really sell women’s clothes in the plus department.

Omarosa looks back on a conversation with Brandi in front of her early alliance where Brandi accuses her of having a shady conversation with Chuck. Omarosa denies it, but it actually happened as seen in the playback.

Arianda discusses that they made a lot of friends in the house. Ross tells us that Ari is like his own South American doll. He finds her beautiful and and Ari says that Ross is the perfect man because he is funny and has a great sense of humor. She says that if he was straight he would be a great boyfriend. Brandi tells Ross that Ari is hers. She is miffed when Ross offers Ariadna a rose, a la The Bachelor.

Omarosa says that sometimes friends become enemies and enemies become friends. She tells her story of Shannon and how they had an alliance and then she turned her back on her and dropped her. Shannon says that the rest of the alliance and herself saw her with Chuck and thought she had a side deal with him. Omarosa tells her that she saw her as a mean girl. Omarosa says that you cannot convince her that Brandi and Marissa had that kind of strategy. She tells Shannon that she is looking like a bit**y chick. When Shannon tells Omarosa that she did not lie to the group, Omarosa says that she has. She tells her that when she leaves the house she is going to see that people lied to her and the only one who has been true to her has been Omarosa. She tells her that she did not want the two brown girls. Shannon says that this is not a racist thing and not to make it one. Omarosa tells her to get out of her room.

It is time for America’s vote. We can award our favorite houseguest $25,000 in cash. Go to to vote. The winner will be announced during the live finale on Sunday night.

Arianda says that they all got free therapy in the diary room. The playback shows us all the requests made in the diary room, including vegan cheese, wine, and Metamucil. James wants a beard trimmer. Mark talks about the storage room which was always full and sometimes even had alcohol. Brandi loves the white wine and champagne. She feels she is a more heightened version of herself with it. It helps her to decompress. When she has had a bit much she calls Keisha Rudy. Brandi says that she heard that Chuck and James put her up for eviction. Mark says that when Brandi drinks a little she gets “turnt up.” Ross wants her out of the room and in bed when she gets drunk because she can give away game secrets when she has imbibed too much.

They discuss the others and decide that Metta is a real softy. Metta loves Ross and finds him funny and smart. Ross says that he and Metta could not be more different, and he is someone who he would probably never connect with outside the house. They should do buddy cop movies, and in a weird way they speak the same language. Metta says that when he was young he was homophobic, but he has a group of homosexual friends and is so glad that he is not homophobic anymore because he really enjoys his friendship with Ross.

The girls says that Mark is amazing and is obsessed with cleaning. Ross says that Mark is a good little housekeeper, doing towels, vacuuming, and cleaning the bathroom. He says that your mama ain’t here, so you have to clean up yourself.

They tease Marissa about her constant talking. Mark says that Marissa says “like” more than anyone else in the world. Ross says that she talks a lot, but she is interesting.

They talk about James and Brandi leaving on the same night and how they went at each other from the beginning. Brandi says that she is an Emmy award winning actress, and then tells that she is joking, she is just on TV and gets paid for it. James is asked about voice and says that it is speaking with more breath. His boy band was Big Time Rush and he says that it was the biggest boy band of its time. James is upset that Brandi kept shutting him down when she asked about singing, asking instead for Mark to respond, and it was just the first night. She has a lot of passive aggressive comments suggesting that since James lives on a canal, he lives with homeless people.

Omarosa is asked if the Big Brother House or the White House is more crazy and she says The White House. She says that she is going to write a tell all book, and she will be going up against a gazillionaire, and will be in court for years after. She says that she has been watching and has been so loyal to the point that all she had was her word. She feels emancipated, off the plantation.

Shannon tells about how people pay a lot of money overseas to keep trophy hunting going. Omarosa tells Shannon that Trump distracts and spins, and now there is a pause on trophy, but there will be a distract. She says that the bad tweets happen around four in the morning. Omarosa says that Melania has a rock on her finger this big, and so Trump can do what he wants. She says that tweets can distract, and so they can pass mandates while we are distracted things are spun. She then goes on about how she had a rough time in the White House and didn’t know about meetings that impacted her, like child welfare reform. She was both black and a woman and that made it a rough run.

The houseguests drink and raise a cheer to winning the first edition of Celebrity Big Brother. Ross has dreams of winning. The houseguests leave the house to a competition where they are surrounded by snow. They will have a day at the slopes. They will step into their skis and get ready to float. The last player to remain on their skis will be crowned the Head of Household.

Ross says that the other houseguests have acting and singing credits, or are beauty queens, and they have won things. He has no chance of acting awards or singing awards, but he thinks that he has a real chance to win Celebrity Big Brother, so this competition is important to him. Marissa says that Omarosa blew up her game today and now nobody wants to sit next to her, so it is up to her to win this. Mark wants to win the check and with the people who have been evicted, he now feels he has a chance. Omarosa says that Ari has to win this to keep both of them safe. If she does not win, she is sure that both she and Ari will be nominated for eviction.

Join Celebrity Big Brother for the two hour season finale on CBS, Sunday at 8 P.M. We will go from five houseguests to four, and then to two, and finally name a winner of the first Big Brother, Celebrity Edition.

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