Big Brother Celebrity Recap: February 23, 2018


Tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother opens with Mark as the new Head of Household, and the fresh nominations of Ariadna and Brandi. Tonight is a double eviction with two celebrities joining the jury tonight.

Julie welcomes us to a double eviction night and informs us that there are more alliances in the house than days left in the game. The final five will be left by the end of the night.

Mark says that Brandi is the target and he intends to break up the dynamic duo. He wants one left to wander in search of an alliance. Ari wants to win the Veto and save herself, putting someone else on the block, so they will go home.

Mark apologizes to Brandi and they hug it out. He says that he knows that Brandi is pissed at him and he says that both choices suck, but he had to make it. He apologizes saying that being HOH is not all it is cracked up to be. Brandi is sure that her nomination has James written all over it. She also feels that Ross is in on it as well. Ross is making deals with everyone in the house and he will go with whoever has the power. Brandi thinks that Ross, Marissa, James, and Mark will be final four.

Marissa says that she made a final four alliance with Ross, James, and Mark, and she feels more trusting with them since she was not nominated. Ross feels bad about breaking the trust with Brandi and Ariadna.

James tells Ari that she needs to understand that she is not the target. James does not think that Ari is as strong as Brandi in competitions, and she is easier to be around. James does not see her going home, but if someone uses a veto, Omarosa will go up in their stead.

Ari does not feel safe, and is convinced her only sure way to stay in the house is to win the Veto.

Omarosa says that she worked in other administrations, but says that the press does not give her full credentials or education when they talk about her because they want to discredit Trump’s administration as people without the credentials to be in the job. She says her degree, masters, and directorial studies are in communications.

Mark calls the Veto pick meeting. He chooses Omarosa and wishes that he had chosen any other person. Brandi does not want to pull James because he is annoying and stupid, and she pulls James. Ari pulls Marissa’s name.

Marissa tells Ross and Ari in the storage room that Ari is not the target. Ross says that he cannot go against the house. He has two final fours and if things fall into him having power he will have to make a decision. He tells Ari that he cannot make a decision at this point on who to vote out, but he hopes that someone wins, uses the veto, and Omarosa can go up and be voted out.

Julie tells them that it is a double eviction night. She warns them that someone will be going home shortly.

James and Brandi have been at odds for the entire game. Brandi tells the group in front of James that if she could have anyone on the block right now she would have James and Omarosa. She tells James that she saved him twice. James says that he tries everyday to not poke back at her. He says that she apologized to him once and he thought it was a big deal. Brandi tells him that she likes him half the time, but he is hard to like when he is so super cocky. He says that she hasn’t seen him super cocky. He is going to vote her out because she is so rude to him.

Mark says that he handled himself very well. James says that it could have been even better. He feels that her going on about saving him twice is her going along with the house twice. He just wants to go to bed.

Marissa and Brandi run into each other and Brandi says that she was hurt by her in the bathroom. Marissa says that she was listening to James in the bathroom, not joining in. She says that she did not leave. Brandi says that she was nodding when he said that he didn’t want to take it anymore. Brandi says that she let it all be Brandi’s fault when she has said things about him being cocky as well. She lays into Marissa who is not into conflict. Marissa says that her plan was to win veto, pull Ari down and with Omarosa up in her place, vote her out and save Brandi. Brandi is past saving now at this point.

It is the Power of Veto competition. They will compete one at a time and then join Ross in the HOH room where they can watch the others compete while enjoying a nice spread.

The Veto players have to find the three houseguests who have been mixed together to form an action figure. They must correctly identify the three houseguests who make up all four action figures in the shortest amount of time. Omarosa sees it correctly, but does not want to win Veto, because she feels she is not in anyone’s cross hairs. Omarosa gets it wrong over and over again.

Ross says that he worried that Omarosa would finish first, but now he wonders if she will finish this season. He says it is not going well, so maybe they can get Trump to pardon her. She gets it wrong repeatedly. She finishes in 38:52.

Omarosa uses her opportunity alone with Ross to speak to him about how he should sit next to her in final two. She tells him that there will be tears and crying but he will get there. Ross tells us that he has spent 22 days using the same bathroom as her, but he still does not know who the real Omarosa is.

Ari sees that the time to beat is 38 minutes, and she sees the faces, but she misses her own mouth. She gets the first one in five minutes. She gets the second one quickly. She gets the third one by the six minute point. It is 9:10 when she finishes all four.

James does not want Brandi to win, so he hurries along, but he does not know the parts, so he guesses and is correct. He has number two quickly, and is wrong repeatedly with the third one. He times out and Ari is still in the lead.

Marissa wants to win the veto, so she hustles, but she is wrong on the first one. She is worried that she won’t even get one before the time is out. She has been studying the memory wall and feels good about it, but times out leaving Ari in the lead.

Mark says that the bar is set very high with Ari’s time. He can’t get the first one. He times out without finishing any of them.

Brandi is up and she gets the eyes and lips right, but misses on the nose repeatedly. Brandi says she never looks at Marissa’s nose. She is running out of time, but she changes out others, forgetting Metta’s nose. Her time runs out and Ariadna wins the Veto.

Brandi feels her stay is over. Mark is sure that Ari will remove herself from the block, and he wants to find someone to nominate who will assure that Brandi will go home.

It is time for the Veto Meeting and Mark says that he is going to nominate Marissa, because she has never been on the block and is a good choice. He says that no one will vote against Marissa. He says that if he puts Omarosa up, she will go home and he wants Brandi out. James likes Mark’s logic and feels that they should go to final two together.

Ari decides to use the Veto on herself. She tells Brandi that she loves and respects her. Mark has to nominate a replacement and he nominates Marissa. Marissa says she has never been there before as she takes her seat. Marissa says that she has finally been put on the block and she is going to stay out of Brandi’s line of fire until the vote.

Omarosa says that her goal is to survive day by day and when she is not on the block, it is a good day. Ross is worried about having to vote out one of his friends. Brandi says that her secret weapon is her mouth and she is going to use it.

Marissa and Brandi sit in the nominations chairs. Marissa speaks first and she says she has done a lot of things in her career that she is proud of, but she is most proud of being a mommy and a cancer survivor. Brandi says she has made amazing friendships and loves a lot of them, not all of them, but she loves Ari and hopes people see the softer side of Omarosa like she does. She gives her a stuffed animal.

The votes:
James votes to evict Brandi.
Ari votes to evict Marissa.
Ross votes to evict Brandi.
Omarosa votes to evict Brandi.

The votes are three to one and Brandi is evicted from the Big Brother house. There are hugs all around as Brandi leaves. As Brandi joins Julie, her photo goes black and white.

Brandi says she is not surprised by the vote, but she was surprised that Ross voted to send her out. She will not stay mad at him for long and he bribed her with free alcohol for the rest of their friendship. Julie asks what it was about James that got under her skin and she says he was arrogant and cocky, not confident. Julie says that she was open and her mouth got her in trouble. She says yes, but she is forty-five and if she could have thought before she spoke, she would have done it already. She feels that Big Brother is more cutthroat than Real Housewives. She says that she did not expect to have the love that she has in these people. She learned that she is softer than her front, and she is not strategic.

There are goodbye messages.
Ari is so sad that she has to go. She will see her soon. Marissa says that things went sideways and she is so sorry that she could not have kept her in the house. Ross is so sorry and a line came and he had to make a choice. James says this is his best day in the house. Brandi says that she does not know if it was possible, but her goodbye message to him is way worse than that. She hopes he can see it one day.

Julie dares her to say something bad about her. Brandi grins and is taken aback by Julie’s dare.

Julie announces that it is time for the Head of Household competition. The houseguests were given a series of art pieces to memorize with the knowledge they would need it for a competition. There will be a series of questions that will be either True or False with seven questions. The player with the most points at the end of seven questions will win.

Less than half the pieces of art were labeled as sold.
Ari did not get it, but all others did.
There was a star on the front of the hat on Ross in Ship Shape.
False, and Ari did not get it, but all others did.
James’ nutrition plan was sold for 2,302 and the answer was false. Ross, James have three points.
One of the headbands in Marissa’s Fashion Bashion had ten flowers.
Omarosa, Ross, and James have three points.
There was one open tube of lipstick in Ariadna’s Beauty Buffet. True and James and Omarosa have four points.
The inhaler shown in Breath of Omarosa was blue. All said false.
James and Omarosa have five points.
On Mark’s Fab Vocab, the letter S was on a blue colored crystal.True.
James and Omarosa are tied with six points. They will go to a tie breaker on white boards. The answer will be a number where the closest without going over will win, if both go over the closest over will win. In the Award Squeezing competition how long was it to the nearest second was it until Shannon won?
The answer is 2,442 and Omarosa wins the new Head of Household with a 1,200 while James is over with 5,000.

Omarosa has to nominate two houseguests for eviction. She nominates Ross and Marissa. They move directly to the live Veto competition. Everyone faces off in a Veto Competition. This is “Art Rageous.” There are six paintings and there is a replica of one in the house. There is one that is not an exact replica and the houseguests must identify it by it’s number. They race through the house looking at the paintings and when they identify it they will take the number and run it to a buzzer. Ross says that it is four and he is right. He has won the Power of Veto.

It is time for the Power of Veto Meeting and Ross uses the Veto to remove himself from the block. Omarosa must nominate a replacement and she nominates James.

James gets to speak first. He says that it is no fun campaigning against her friend, but he says that he thinks that no one can win against Marissa, and he is open to deals going further. She says that you are not going to get to the final two with James because he will beat you in every competition. She says that you may not win against her, but you won’t get there with him.

It is time for America’s vote. We can award our favorite house guest $25,000 in cash. Go to to vote.

The votes:
Ariadna votes to evict James.
Mark votes to evict Marissa.
Ross votes to evict James.

By a vote of two to one, James is evicted from the Big Brother House. James hugs it out with everyone and he looks for his jacket before he goes. Julie calls for James to leave. He goes out without his jacket. Omarosa apologizes for putting Ross and Marissa up.

James is surprised that Omarosa put him up. He thought that the smarter move would have been Ari, because no one would vote Marissa over Ari, but he gave the same result. He felt that if he had had more trust in Omarosa and worked with her he may still be there. He felt that his final four had a good chance of moving forward. He says that Brandi blew up the house, and she said something to Ari and that hurt him with the vote because she did not believe him.

He said that has not thought about dating Brandi but no, he will not date her. He says that Ross said a solid game and he had a better chance with him over Marissa, but Ross is doing the best so far. He had a lot of fun and it is so nice to see all these faces, and at least he beat Brandi.

Julie says congratulations to the final five, and she tells them that the five sitting in front of her will go to finale night. Julie reminds them that there is a lot of game to play. Everyone except for Omarosa will compete in the next HOH and the new HOH will nominate two houseguests, and then everyone will play in the Veto, one will go home, and that will leave four to play for the final HOH. The final HOH will immediately evict two houseguests, leaving them with the person they wish to compete against in the finals with the jury.

Join Celebrity Big Brother on CBS on Saturday at 8 P.M. for the next Head of Household competition. There will be conversations about Omarosa’s time in the White House as well. The finale is on Sunday at 8 P.M.

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