Celebrity Big Brother: Opinions, Odds, and Predictions For 2/23/2018


by MattD

Hello once again everybody!! Looks like at this moment Brandi’s going home unless Ross or somebody does an about-face. All six of the other houseguests seem to want to be there, so she won’t be saved by someone more or less quitting the game. More importantly though it’s a double eviction night!!! Always a good time, and every so often something unpredictable happens with the 2nd eviction. Anyway there’s plenty to discuss so let’s get right to it. These are my thoughts:

We’re still not that far through the game: Yes there’s just two full days to go before it’s over. But there will be a total of nine evictions in this season and five of them are still yet to be made. And notice Julie did say there would be three evictions on Sunday night before the final vote, so there will be two finalists and not three. And yes the jury won’t be sequestered, which led to the most overrated controversy in Big Brother history in BB3. Danielle was essentially in the same position Karen was in last year’s Canada season, the same position Liz was in for BB17, the other two final three HG’s were playing each other in Part 3 of the last HOH, whoever won would evict the other one, and destroy Danielle in the finals. No one thought Danielle would win at the time. She had played a clever under the radar game to make the final three, but had played a poor social game, and wasn’t the greatest in the comps. She lost the first two parts of the final HOH, then Lisa knowing it would be an easy win, evicted Jason and beat Danielle 9-1 in the finals. It wasn’t a Paul thing where she lost on the last vote, the jury not being sequestered probably made it more lopsided, but not to the point she got “robbed”. With a lot of Big Brother fans all “he/she got robbed” means is “my favorite player got 2nd”. Just as many people complain about sequestered juries, and quite a few complained about the jury after the OTT season when the jury was…us. Just like in BB2 and BB3, everyone knew going into this the jury wouldn’t be sequestered. If there was a season where the HGs were under the impression the jury would be sequestered, then at the end they announce they weren’t then that would indeed be unfair. But that wasn’t the case then and it isn’t now, people know the evictees can use anything they see on TV against them.

Odds: I should have taken it more into consideration that Metta might ask to get voted out then I did on Monday. I figured Brandi would get evicted if she didn’t win POV, then it would remain to be seen how Metta would work his way into this, how long until they finally evicted him. As it is Brandi should be going, and if she does that essentially leaves 3 pairs in the house. Ross/Marissa, James/Mark, and I think Ari/Omarossa will stick together, by default if nothing else. Any of the six of them could win.

Ross 3-1
James 3-1
Mark 4-1
Ari 5-1
Marissa 6-1
Omarosa 8-1
Brandi 50-1

Ross 3-1: People know he’s had deals with just about everyone, but he somehow doesn’t come across to the others as that big of a threat. He seems to be striking just the right balance. One thing is he might be the one that gets screwed by not sequestering the jury. If he does make the final two, will the votes be there for him?

James 3-1: Sometimes he does come off as the type of arrogant douche bag they often cast on the summer version of this show. Again with him are the votes going to be there if he makes it? There could be an issue in that Mark admitted it might not be wise to take him to the finals, so I suppose he could lose out there. He’s talented enough in the comps, he could make it to the finals on his own..win this HOH, the next cycle win POV, then win the last 2 HOH’s. If he makes it through the double eviction, I would think the next cycle would involve physical/endurance comps, but as far as Sunday if we’re evicting three people, these are going to be some pretty quick comps that probably anyone could win.

Mark 4-1: He still hasn’t really won anything, but I don’t see anyone gunning for him tonight, although it’s possible he’ll get put up next to James then lose if James wins POV. He could end up being taken to the finals, then win due to a bitter jury or something. If he does, more power to him.

Ari 5-1: It’ll be interesting to see what happens tonight if Ross wins HOH. It’s possible he’d turn on James and get him out. If someone gets James out tonight, Ari is sitting pretty good. I’m leery right now because she’s an easy target. I just picture in my head James winning HOH and putting up her and Omarosa, and Ari being the target. She’s formidable in the comps, and I hope she wins one tonight.

Marissa 6-1: With every passing day with her it’s getting to be like yuck. Right now I don’t think she’d get the votes against much of anyone, but you never know.

Omarosa 8-1: She’s the easiest person to evict tonight if you don’t want blood on your hands. But people aren’t going to mind being against her in the finals, and she might have a better chance with the votes than they realize. She’s done quite well for not having much of anyone to work with, and don’t forget she’s got an endurance win to her credit. If she makes it through the second eviction, don’t count her out.

Brandi 50-1: Even if she somehow avoids eviction, she won’t win the game. I appreciate her bluntness, and the fact that she tried to play the game. We got our money’s worth out of her. No doubt about it.

Odds for 2nd evictee (assuming Brandi’s the 1st):

Omarosa 2-1
Ari 5-2
James 5-2
Rest of the Field 5-1

Those are the three targets, Ross could get evicted if Omarosa wins HOH I suppose, I don’t know why anyone would target Marissa or Mark at this point, but anything’s possible.

Predictions: Brandi goes 3-1 with Ari dissenting. I don’t think Omarosa will vote to save Brandi if she knows it won’t do any good. James wins the HOH, puts up Ari/Omarosa. James wins POV keeps it the same. Omarosa is the 2nd evictee 3-0.

Ok that’s it for now!! I’ll be back to wrap it up on Sunday!!

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