Celebrity Big Brother: A Riley T.D. Perspective


Hi everyone~! So refreshing to have Mark as HOH but how he got there, well it was given to him from James. Ok, I understand why James let Mark win the HOH, but I still am not a fan of winning a competition, by physical competition, not the mental…it just made me not want to give James any votes at all for AFP.

I liked the Red Carpet Ride competition, the staff has come up with some good challenges for the group. With the boys in the minority, it does not surprise me Mark puts up two girls, Adriadna and Brandy. Both pretty much expected it.

Adriadna, though seemingly clueless about the game, she is picking up speed and catching on and is going to go for it all the way to the end if the others don’t stop her. Brandy, I have no hope for, didn’t on housewives and she hasn’t changed, all she wants to do is drink and make sure she gets her meds…Ross and Marissa, they are going to be stuck this week voting out Brandy…(correction, ross will be, Ariadna won POV last night, and now Mark has to choose a replacement, hmmm, omorosa or Marissa, I bet Marissa gets her time on the block but Brandy goes home).

Mark does realize now why James wanted to play Friday, and will really get it when they realize it’s a double elimination, though James is going to play his heart out for this HOH, at this point, he has to, if Marissa or Ross get it, it is still possible they would backdoor James and poof there goes the ‘roomies’ alliance. Friday, it may come down to a 2/2 vote, with Mark making the final decision..

Looking forward to the double elimination Friday. Is your favorite celebrity still in it to win it? Do you think this is worth having another Celebrity Big Brother over a “Over the Top” winter season? Any one know if any BB players are going to be on Survivor next week?

Voting is open for Americas Favorite Player so get your votes in while you can!! Enjoy your day.

Riley T.D.

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