Big Brother Celebrity Recap: February 21, 2018


Tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother opens with the surprising last minute eviction of Metta. With Metta as the replacement on the block when Ross used the VIP Veto on himself, the house remains divided. The targets still remain in the house, and the Head of Household will make all the difference in how the game moves forward.

Brandi thought she was going home, but with Metta’s request to be voted out, she is both grateful and missing him. Omarosa says that right before the live show, Metta made a very convincing plea to go home. He told her that he really wanted to go home. Omarosa says that losing Metta cost her an ally. She feels that she has to build a relationship with others in the house.

Ross felt that he was in danger of leaving, and he talked to Marissa about aligning with James and Mark to a final four. James looks for a name for the group. They all decide on Roomie Squad. Ross says that both pairs that he is working on are still in the house, and he will draw his line in the sand later. Marissa says that she has two final fours, her, Ross and the boys, and her, Ross, Ari, and Brandi.

James says that it would have been better game play to not use the Veto at all and let them vote Brandi out. James says to us that Omarosa causes drama in the house, but she is not connected to anyone. Ari and Brandi are a pair and he feels they should have broken that up.

Ross sees that Omarosa is the only one coming after him, so he suggests to Ari that they form a group with the boys to make a six that will get Omarosa out. Ari feels differently, as she feels James will come after her, so she wants to get him out. Ari and Brandi talk about the boys chatting in the kitchen and they both feel that they cannot let either Mark or James win HOH because they will be the target.

Omarosa tells Marissa and Brandi that James and Mark told her to nominate Marissa. They were targeting her, she says to them. Omarosa feels that Ross is working with James and Mark, and Marissa is working with Ross, so it is defacto that the four are working together.

The houseguests are called to the living room to learn that it is time for the Head of Household competition. It is a red carpet with bright lights and photographers. They have to walk a red carpet in heats. It is called “Red Carpet Ride.” The carpet is very unbalanced and they fall off. At intervals the carpet tightens and becomes easier to navigate. Brandi wins the round, but they all hit the timers. The final heat is the fastest times to navigate the carpet.

Ross feels safe since Omarosa can’t play and he is in good with everyone else. James does not want Brandi or Ari to win it. The boys don’t have it any easier. They cannot stay on the carpet and it is flipping them upside down. Even with the carpet tighter, they cannot navigate it. Mark finally manages to navigate it and wins the round, but James also makes it.

Ross feels like he is back in gym class with the jocks mocking him, but Mark and James offer encouragement. When Ross just wants to quit, they tell him that he could tap out, but he shouldn’t quit. He finally makes it.

Mark has 1:23.
James has 1:52.
Brandi has 6:48.

When Ross does not make the final round, he quips that he never wants to leave a red carpet. The three line up for the final round. James makes it across right away, but he does not hit the button. James hopes that Mark will get across and then Mark can be HOH. If Brandi looks to be winning he can hit the button. Omarosa puts two and two together and figures out that James wants to play in the most important HOH, the next one, and she deduces that they have a final two. Ari is sure that she will go on the block, while Ross feels he is safe with the boys running the house.

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Mark feels that he can break up a duo like Ari and Brandi. Marissa feels that they are set up pretty well since they have an alliance, but she worries about Brandi and Ari. Marissa decides to put the target on Omarosa and she goes to James and Mark to tell them that Omarosa told her that James was targeting her. Mark says that he has no problem putting up Ari and Brandi. Ross goes to Mark to tell him that Omarosa told Marissa that you told her to put up Marissa. Mark says that she has to go. Mark says that she burned Marissa badly. Mark tells Marissa final four. Marissa says that they have to get rid of Omarosa since she causes trouble in the house. Mark feels that they can break up Ari and Brandi and Omarosa is not a bad move either if he needs her.

The house discusses whether Oprah will run for President. Mark doesn’t think so, but Omarosa says that you never know. Omarosa tells about riding on Air Force One and getting a bill for snacks. She tells about being a girl from the projects and then riding down the street in a motorcade with the president.

Brandi tells Mark that James gave him the HOH. Mark says that he tried to turn it down, but it was a selfless move so Mark could get a letter from home. Brandi thinks that there is more behind it, and as she consumes more wine, she steps in it deeper. Ari wants her to be quiet because she needs her ally in the house. Omarosa loves seeing Brandi draw a target on her chest.

Mark makes the nominations. He nominates Brandi and Ariadna. Brandi is nominated that she has been lobbying for weeks to put his name up for eviction. He sees her as competitive, strong, and strategic. He nominates Ariadna because she is also competitive, strong and strategic, and that she is aligned with Brandi.

Brandi feels that this nomination has James’ name all over it and although he has a lot of fans, he is a “d-bag.” James is happy to see her nominated and won’t miss her.

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