Celebrity Big Brother: A Riley T.D. Perspective for 2/20/2018


Hi everyone~! What do you think I am going to say? Yep, We Got Robbed again!! Where did they get these “D” listers, and who hired them? This was a pathetic waste of my time to watch someone volunteer to go, again…it must be in the contract they don’t get paid if they just get up and leave, well Julie Chen, they both said they wanted to leave, Kiesha and Meta. Meta with only 5 days left.

I am so irritated at the waste of an “America’s vote” that I wrote to Julie Chen and commented that it was pathetic that she couldn’t find people to make a commitment, and only a 3 week commitment. If you think we think you aren’t paying them more per week than the regular summer players, you are fooling yourself not me. We finally were able to get ‘involved’ in the game, and they just blew it by sending a crying I need my family dude and that just made me turn the tv off before he finished his out the door interview with Julie which he says he is a mean person when he competes, well why would he change his name to Meta World Peace if he has even an ounce of meanness in him. I am just really disappointed in him.

Ok, well now that Meta is out, the way he got there is another new twist we got to vote on. America chose the VIP Veto which was the one I picked too, and gets to use his veto to take two people off if he wants to and Ross wins by stacking puzzle pieces to spell out CBB VIP hottest ticket in town just by a second, Omarosa almost got it.

So Ross uses the one of the two powers, Omarosa then nominates Meta. She says he wants to go home. I cant believe the other players are so spineless, that they voted him out and Brandy got to stay. Even James just went with the house and that just urks me when you know, he cant stand her.

The only bright side of the next day or two is a new HOH will be chosen, and a double elimination is coming up next. I was really hoping by including the fans this week, I would want to watch some live feeds but I don’t. Ill just wait till Friday and see what happens, they have at this point just got my money on all access and I would have rather watched the CBBUK on utube at this point. You get nothing but my raw opinion, this is my opinion and not the opinion of BB2go, he is just kind enough to let me tell you how I see in the life of Riley…

Will I keep watching the shows? Yes. Am I disappointed, yes. Am I choosing a new winner, probably!! None of them have a spine, withering idiots reminds me of the Surreal life years ago and laugh at the show more than follow along.

Enjoy your day. Riley T.D.

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