Big Brother Celebrity Recap: February 19, 2018


Tonight on Celebrity Big Brother with Omarosa the new Head of Household, the house has been shaken by her nominations of two power couples, Ross and Brandi.

With Ross as her primary target, she uses the excuse of Brandi’s hinky vote to evict Mark over Shannon to put her up next to Ross. Omarosa has covered her bases by going to Mark and asking for his vote against Ross and to give her a free week should he be the next HoH.

Brandi feels that someone may have crossed over to the dark side. She’s seen the winks, while Ross says that being nominated by Omarosa on a reality show will be a great dinner story.

Omarosa threw out a comment about a final four and Marissa thinks that it is a shot in the dark, but Brandi asks her how she knew and who told her? Omarosa declines to say and now Marissa and Ross wonder why she said anything to Omarosa. Brandi worries that there is a final four and who is in it.

Marissa speakes to Ari and tells her that she was expecting it to be Mark and Ross. Ari says that Mark came down from the HOH saying that he might go up on the block. She thinks that perhaps he cut a deal with Omarosa and James. They now realize that they may be the replacement nominee should either Ross or Brandi come down.

Marissa goes to Ross and tells him that Ari, who is very smart, made a deal with Mark and James. Ross says that he needs James and Mark to keep him in the house, so he wants to speak to them eye to eye.

The houseguests play a twitter game. Omarosa says that her sketchiest time in the White House was the ten days of Scaramuchi, who had very colorful language. The next question is for James who is asked by Brandi on whether or not she has a deal with Omarosa to send Ross home. James dodges it with a comment on thanking her for letting him know that he is in an alliance with Omarosa.

Ross says that it is not ideal that he is in a robe without his coffee, but it is a perfect opportunity to talk to James and Mark. Ross tells them not to trust anything that Omarosa says. She stirs up trouble. James has had a night to think on his Omarosa deal and he would rather send Brandi home since she is always rude to him, and he would rather work with Ross.

Mark and James speak about their situation alone in the work out room. They realize that this may be the time for deception. They can be with Metta and Omarosa, or Marissa and Ross. James says that the three of them with Marissa can save Ross. Marissa says that she does not want to leave Ari hanging in the wind. Marissa wants time to think about it because of Ari and that she does not know what the twist is going to be. James is a bit miffed that she was not able to make a decision.

America has voted and there is a new Veto in play. Julie announces to the players that they will be playing for the VIP Veto. The winner has the power to use it twice, once after a replacement. Ross, Marissa, Mark, Brandi, Omarosa, and Metta.

The players are in a set called Club BB. They need to get a pass and the challenge is called “Invitation Only.” They must race down a path and gather puzzle pieces. Then they will take the pieces back to a stand where they will construct the puzzle which is a set of cubes that will be stacked vertically to form an invitation. Ross and Mark are getting there, but Ross is closer. He thinks that he is done, but his reverse is incorrect. Omarosa has hers done, but Ross has made his moves count and he has won the VIP Veto. Omarosa was right behind him.

Julie tells us that it is time for the VIP Veto Meeting. She tells him that she will ask him if he would like to save one of the two nominees. He may remove himself or Brandi from the block. Then when Omarosa replaces him, he can use it again. Ross uses the veto on himself and Omarosa names Metta as the replacement because he wants to go home. When Julie asks him if he wants to use it again, he thanks America for the opportunity to use it, but does not wish to.

With Metta and Brandi on the block they are given a chance to speak. Metta thanks Big Brother and CBS and says that it has been very difficult to be away from his family. He is not going to court their votes, but he thanks you. Brandi thanks Metta for wanting to go and sits down. She holds Metta’s hand.

The votes:
Ross votes to evict Metta World Peace.
James votes to evict Metta.
Mark votes to evict Metta.
Ari votes to evict Metta.
Marissa votes to evict Metta.

With five votes to evict Metta is evicted from the Big Brother House. Metta hugs it out with everyone and Mark thanks him for all the laughs. They all tell him they love him and send him out to Julie. He takes his owl. Marissa says that evicting him was the classiest move they could have made.

Metta tells Julie that they built a bond, but he misses his family. He says that they are tears of joy, and he has ten new brothers and sisters. Julie tells him that he made it twenty days without his family, and he only has six days to go. He says he could not go another day without his family. He learned that he missed his children and misses his wife to be. He says that he is a competitor, but this is a cerebral, and he had to bring out that side of him. He wants Shannon to win, but with her gone he now he wants to see Ross take it. He says that if he had stayed and could get someone on the block, it would be James and Ross since they could beat him. It would be mean, but he would do it.

There will be a double eviction on both Wednesday and Friday, and the finale is on Sunday. Join CBS on Wednesday at 8 P.M. Eastern as the seven celebrities come down to their final days in the Big Brother House.

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