Celebrity Big Brother: Opinions, Odds, and Predictions for Feb. 19, 2018


Happy Presidents Day everybody!!! The one and only Omarosa has won an endurance HOH !! Would you have guessed that? I wouldn’t have. Sure maybe James could have won it if he had to, but she still had to last that long. Ross is the target, but after yesterday I think if the vote was right this minute Brandi would be going. Pretty much anything is possible tonight with the veto still yet to be played plus the twist that will go with it of course. As always there is plenty to talk about. These are my thoughts:

You do realize outside of Omarosa no one is safe. Again like I said Friday, Omarosa is the one I’m rooting against. I don’t even really dislike her, it’s just that she’s really just a professional reality show player, too much of a stunt cast. in my opinion. But anyway she could really get screwed tonight if the veto turns out wrong. Now I know Mark and James talked to Ross and Marissa about a deal, so she could end up missing her target in the first place, but if the “Diamond” veto is the one voted on (I voted for it), not only that but the whole Ross/Marissa/Ari/Brandi alliance could be safe. There’s just five people voting, so if one of them–any one of them were to win it, and nominate someone from the other side, the other three could vote that person out 3-2. Now I’m not predicting that will happen, in fact the rest of that alliance seems ok with Brandi leaving, just saying this could have the same effect as a “Coup d’├ętat” of the HOH. Again I’m not saying any of this will happen, and I don’t know how the vote will go as to which form of veto will be played, just saying it’s a possibility.

Would any of these people agree to this if it were 90+ days? I think Shannon would, possibly Marissa and Ross. Not sure about any of the others. Now I’ve heard people say they couldn’t handle it or whatever, but let me reverse the question: How many of the summer BB people would agree to spend that much time in the house if they had the amount of fame and fortune these people have? These people aren’t really A-listers, but they’ve all been on TV. I was familiar with most of these people. And their fortunes vary, I understand that. But these people don’t need to spend 90 days in a house to win money and makes names for themselves. So most of them wouldn’t.

Odds: Well this cycle hasn’t played out yet, so we wouldn’t expect too many changes normally. Brandi has the longest odds because not only is she targeted by the other side, but her own side doesn’t want her around all that badly either. I moved Omarosa up for reasons I’ll get into. I’m not counting anyone out as having a chance to win. It’s sounds cheesy to say that, but this could go any one of several directions.

Ari 7-2
Marissa 7-2
James 4-1
Ross 6-1
Omarosa 8-1
Mark 8-1
Metta WP 10-1
Brandi 12-1

Ari 7-2: She came off an HOH “week” , the other side won HOH and she still wasn’t targeted. That’s an excellent sign.

Marissa 7-2: She does have a veto win to her credit, so she might be able to win a comp if she has to. She seems to be sitting as good as anyone at the moment. The thing with both her and Ari is someone from their alliance needs to win the next HOH or the numbers could start going against them. Their alliance made it too obvious too early , and they weren’t quite strong enough for that, but on the other hand look over on the other side and Metta and Mark aren’t trying particularly hard right now, and no one really wants to work with Omarossa. If James wins I don’t think he’ll be gunning for Marissa either.

James 4-1: He’s been scrambling the whole game, but he might be getting into a pretty spot. As mentioned, if the noms stay the same he wants to save Ross, and evict Brandi. Brandi was really rude to him when the game started, and it might have something to do with that, but if he has a chance to vote out Ross, and doesn’t do it, I have a feeling he’ll regret it.

Ross 6-1: If he survives tonight he probably has as good a shot as anyone. But it’s hard giving someone great odds when they’re the target of the current HOH. If I was anybody but Marissa, I’d want him out of there.

Omarossa 8-1: No one really wants to work with her (I don’t think Metta will go after her if he gets power), so it’s to move her up any further from where I’ve got her. But she’s playing the game harder than Mark or Metta, and she might not be sitting as bad with the jury as I thought. Chuck said he’d vote for her, Shannon won’t vote for any of the four person alliance, Keisha would certainly consider voting for her, Metta might, that’d be 4, you only need 5.

Mark 8-1: There’s only a week left, so I’m eager to see if he steps it up.

Metta WP 10-1: Admittedly he’s a long-shot, but hey who’s going after him right now?

Brandi 12-1: Yes I know “hinky” votes can make the feeds fun for a little while, but it’s really lousy game play. I like Brandi a lot more than I thought I would, and I hope she stays for awhile longer, but it’s harder for me to see her winning than for anyone else, even if tonight goes well for her.

Predictions: my hunch is whatever happens with the veto, Brandi will stay on the block, and be voted out. I once again will predict James for HOH.

Ok That’s it for now!! Enjoy the show!!

MattD (@MattD34 on twitter)

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