Celebrity Big Brother: A Riley T.D. Perspective


Hi everyone~! What a weekend the celebrities have had…Shannon is gone, voted out and that is a bit sad as she was over the top wanting to play the game, unfortunately she played too hard, too fast and met her demise. I was so bored with Friday’s show, I fell asleep right before the eviction, and now that Omarosa wont the HOH, well, you guys got a reprieve from me as if you can’t say much of anything good about someone, don’t say much at all, so I’m leaving it just about there, I never have, since her stint on The Bachelor, never cared to watch her on screen, didn’t change thru all her ‘wanna be jobs’ so I just ignored her this weekend, lucky you.

So, let’s just get to Sunday’s show, who she nominated, and hopefully double elimination is going to come up soon while she cannot compete! So she decides to put up Brandi and Ross. All I can say is she is a tool of mental mass destruction including her time in the white house( (has Mueller interviewed her yet?!!) and looks like this game is not reinventing her but showing her true colors. I guess I am glad I tuned her out this weekend. She has ruined my Celebrity Big Brother weekend. Good to see Ross really working the others to stay..that is what they should be doing. He has got to really try for the POV this week, the show is almost over!

They finally get slop, the first three that fell during the HOH competition, that was a genius name for the competition and the basketball team, Meta drops, he is going to hate being on slop even for a couple days, off goes Ross, and off goes Mark, there are your three sloppees for the day. Marissa goes, I’m getting sadder as the minutes go by…only Brandy, James and Omarosa are left on the wall. At the moment, mean girl brandy says Omarosa has a big butt..of course I had to laugh. They are all cheering on James and Brandy, I don’t hear any for Omarosa, down goes Brandy. Well, no doubt the big butt and a big mouth won out, and James made a deal. Ugh, are you kidding me? Well, of course the she devil gets her deal. Omg I get it for James, but the big ego head of Omarosa is just not something I want to watch.

Looks like buyers remorse for the group of four, Brandy Adriadna, Ross, and Marissa. what’s a bigger word them poof..boom…see ya later brandy!! Sometimes these people’s emotions make their decisions flip quicker than a toss of a coin. Yeah…America gets to Vote!! I just watched this Monday morning, I hope I still have time to vote…let’s see what we get to vote on…

Wow!! I just checked out the three Brobot veto’s we get to vote on: lets see if I can copy it here from the CBS site:







Which one do you want to happen? I like the middle one the VIP Veto. No matter which one Americas picks, it has made my Monday laughable all day long…I can’t wait to see Omarosa’s face when she finds out the twist America has chosen … so I hope you voted, the 9 a.m. cut off just happened minutes ago!

We seem to see a lot of make up time this season, do they ever think they just look ok for the cameras? Self image shows the selfishness of some of these guys, put the make up brush down, I’m just glad there is a commercial. Omarosa is the most dramatic ridiculous HOH around, you only see her cough asthmatically when she wants to. She is ridiculous. Ross is not one to cross, she forgets she is going to re-enter ‘reality’ next week.

So now I get a double dose and get to see who is going to be evicted Live tonight. I’m still waiting for a double dose of double eviction time, and a Pandoras box which hasn’t been used in years…enjoy your day..


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