Big Brother Celebrity Recap: February 18, 2018


Tonight on Celebrity Big Brother we join the Head of Household endurance competition already in progress. All houseguests, except outgoing Head of Household Ariadna, are sitting on a spectator seat on a wall overlooking a basketball court. There is incentive to stay there as the first three to fall will be on slop, the first slop of the season.

The wall tilts forward forcing the houseguests cling to their seats. Marissa’s arms are so short that she cannot cling to both handles at the same time without severely leaning forward.

James does not trust anyone, but the target is Omarosa, who says she is going to win to keep “Lady O”, as she calls herself, safe. Ariadna does not feel safe, but she is unable to play. Brandi says that a skinny booty is not an advantage in the competition. James does not want to win this unless he has to, so he has to stay longer than Omarosa.

Metta feels that he should be in his element, but his feet are so big that they do not fit on the pegs. The competitors are hit with sweat, and Metta, who is six-five and 265 pounds cannot hold up his body with only his arms, and he is the first out. He is on slop. Ross feels his arms pulling out of his sockets, and he decides to fall, but to stick the landing. Ross goes down, and he wants anyone to win but Omarosa.

On the bench, Ari, Ross, and Metta discuss the hinky vote, and Ari tells them that it was Brandi. She told her and she asks that they not say anything. Mark is struggling with his male parts hurting, and he is not sure how long he can endure it. Mark goes down, and he is in pain. Once the three men are down and she can avoid slop, Marissa drops. She realizes that Brandi is the only one holding the fort for their alliance. James realizes that he has to win this one since the two others left are Omarosa and Brandi. He feels sure that Brandi will put him up. Omarosa feels that she has no one in the house, so she has to pull this one off to stay in the game.

It has been one hour and fifteen minutes and Omarosa is determined to last it out, but she has aching arms and shoulders. The houseguests are now pelted with t-shirts and basketballs. Brandi and James discuss trying to outlast Omarosa. Brandi says that the problem is that Omarosa has a big butt which will help hold her on. James says he is holding up a lot of weight. Brandi has cramping arms and she cannot let go, but she cannot readjust. Brandi drops at one hour twenty-eight minutes. Down to James and Omarosa, James says that he might be young, but Omarosa looks more secure than him. Omarosa says that her breathing is accelerating and she does not want to have an asthma problem. Omarosa says to James that she wants to see her husband, and get that letter, and she promises on God that he will be safe and not even back doored. James says that he does not think that he can hold on and when he asks again no backdoor, she promises, and James lets go. Omarosa has won the Head of Household.

Omarosa says to us that last week she was in the hospital, and this week she is HoH. James feels that since he is alone, he might even ally with Omarosa, and when Ari hugs him, she comments that he made a deal with the devil. Brandi does not feel safe since she feels that Omarosa will target her over James.

The houseguests enter the house to see SLOP tins encrusted with shiny bling and sparkles. The slop is just for forty-hours, and Ross feels he can endure it, since he really wanted the full Big Brother experience. Metta feels that slop is over-rated and he would rather have real food like lasagna. Mark says that it tastes like baby barf.

Ross is critical of Brandi’s vote and thinks it was to curry favor for the jury vote. Brandi tells the group that it was just so that Shannon would not feel so bad in leaving. She says that she made a last minute decision, and it felt nice to be a little bit kind. She is surprised by the other’s reaction. Ari feels it was not the best move for the group and Marissa is unhappy and voices it. Marissa tells Ari that she felt that it was for a jury vote and she was shocked. Ari says that they are a team and she cannot be selfish and do this. Ross says that they are just having a moment in reaction and trust is everything in this house. Brandi says that she had a moment of feeling sorry for Shannon. Brandi tears up an leaves. They decide that even though they are upset with Brandi, they need the numbers and so they go to her an forgive her. Brandi says that she does not want to be in the alliance anymore. Ross says that they did nothing, and that they love her. Brandi says she was not trying to hurt their alliance, but did not want Shannon to leave on a sad note.
Ross extracts her word that she will not vote hinky again.

Marissa feels that their alliance will be a target, and that this may be Brandi’s time to go. She does not want to go before Brandi.

Ariadna has just showered and Omarosa asks her who voted to keep Shannon. Ari dodges it, and Brandi walks in and admits it was her. Omarosa has already decided to target Ross since he put her up. She now has this information on Brandi’s vote to use against her.

The houseguests gather in the living room for an announcement. Metta head in in just his drawers. Omarosa is not amused. She announces that the game is about to be shaken up again and America is about to vote to shake up the Veto competition.

Mark and Omarosa speak and she says that if she had not won HoH, she would be on the block. She tells him that Ross hasn’t tried to talk to her, and Ari and Brandi have not either. Omarosa asks for one week if she does not put him on the block. She says she will not put him up if they can shake on that deal. She goes to lock in James and Metta. She sees Metta as an oversized rubber ducky that she has to tie down or he will float away. She tells him that she wants to put up Ross and tells him she will not put him up if he will vote to send him home. He agrees. Omarosa then talks to James and tells him that she likes working with Mark, him, Metta. She says she does not want to be near Marissa or in no way Ross. James sees this as a final four and they agree on it.

Omarosa has a chat with Ross about her time working for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Omarosa says that in the run up to the presidential campaign, she worked for Hillary, in a campaign called “Ready for Hillary,” and when it came to the actual campaign they let the people who worked the run up go. It left a bad taste in her mouth, but she feels Hillary would have been a strong, smart, and sharp president. She thinks she would have been a wonderful president, but after being ignored when the actual campaign got going, when Trump called, she went with his campaign. She wants to write a book about her time working in politics when the time is right.

Ross turns on Brandi when he discusses nominations with Omarosa in private. Omarosa feels she will have options to nominate. Omarosa calls the Nominations Ceremony. She nominates Ross and Brandi. Ross is silent, but winks. She nominated Ross because he nominated her. She says that he said it was not personal, but then went around the house and sullied her name. She nominated Brandi because she went against the house betraying her closest ally, Ari, and if you could betray your closest ally, you could betray the house. Ross lets her finish and tells her that he waited for her to finish. It is much more classy. Omarosa agrees, saying that Ross is classy.

In the diary room, Ross says that Omarosa acts like he is powerful enough to challenge her integrity, but she did it to herself in her reality life over the years. Brandi says that she wants to win Veto to stay in the game. Ross says not to count him out yet. Omarosa says that she just made nominations and already the house is upset. Marissa says this is not good for her because two of her allies are nominated.

America gets to vote for a Veto. There is the Diamond Veto where the winner of the Veto has the power to remove one of the nominees from the chopping block and also nae the replacement nominee. The VIP Veto winner will have the option to use the Veto once or twice or not at all in the same Veto Meeting. If the winner of the VIP Veto removes one of the nominees, he or she will wait for a replacement nominee to be made before deciding if they want to use it a second time. The Spotlight Veto winner has to use the Veto to save one of the two nominees from the chopping block. America gets to make up to 20 votes per IP before 12 Noon Easten time on Monday, February 19. Voting is active on

Join Celebrity Big Brother on CBS Monday at 8 P.M. eastern to see the outcome of America’s Veto vote, and see the veto competition play out. Who will end up in the nominations chair at the end of the evening?

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