Big Brother Celebrity Recap: February 16, 2018


Tonight on Celebrity Big Brother the episode opens with Ariadna’s nominations of James and Shannon. The two share their emotions on being nominated. Ross is sure they have a final two, and wonders what move will best serve his game.

Shannon knows what it means when people don’t look her in the eye or speak to her. She is keenly aware that she is a target. Ari feels that it is time for a big move in the Big Brother house. Shannon feels very betrayed and is being given more credit than she deserves for being a strong player. James is not happy with Ari, and she tells him to please win the Veto. Brandi loves that James is on the block, because she feels that he has a big ego, and this will knock him down a peg.

Shannon is most upset with Marissa and Ross because they stabbed her in the back more than the others because they had an alliance. Brandi tells her that she has won more competitions than the others and she says just one more than everyone else in the room. She says that they should want a target out ahead of them.

Omarosa and Shannon confront each other. Omarosa says that she talked about her when she was in the hospital. Shannon says that she said mean hurtful things about her and Omarosa says, “That you were a liar?” Shannon says that Omarosa is avoiding responding to their questions by changing the subject. Omarosa tells us that Shannon is going through the stages of eviction, denial, grief, and actress overdrive. She tells the others that Shannon is resilient.

Brandi asks Omarosa right out if when she was on the Apprentice she slept with Donald, because she heard that a lot of people had to. Omarosa says that she never heard her name in the list because she was there because she was ratings gold. Brandi will not name anyone, but Omarosa tells her that she knows who.

Ariadna calls the houseguests for the Veto Pick. Ariadna picks Ross. Ross says it does not matter who gets picked because they all want Shannon out. Shannon picks Omarosa. James picks Brandi. Shannon feels that she is alone in the house and if she is going to stay, it will have to be with the Veto, so she has to win.

Metta plays with the cameras again, nudging them to follow him. Metta says that when he first got here he was struggling, but he found a stuffed owl to attach to so he can get away. He feels he can get to the end. Brandi says that Metta needs the owl as a pacifier. He is named Orwell.

Shannon hugs it out with Omarosa and she tells her that she was fighting for Keisha and when she told her she was not her target, she wasn’t. Omarosa says that game aside, she worries about her and they need to start fresh. She says that Marissa wanted to back door her, but she did not want a girl to be backdoored. Omarosa tells her to win the Veto, and although she knows there is only one winner, she is hedging her bets. She tells Shannon that she does not hold grudges, and that she just came from Washington and has a thick skin. Omarosa then goes to James and tells him that Marissa and Ross want him out. She tells him that she is at the bottom of the totem pole and tells him that the target has shifted to him. James takes it right to the source. They tell him that it is crazy, and they pull Ari in. It only takes a few minutes to spread it through the house. Marissa takes it to Omarosa and they pull James into the room. They get both him and Ross in the room with them and James says that she said that. James says that Omarosa attacking him is not the way to go. Omarosa over talks him, and he says that he is not lying and he will not perpetuate drama. He says that she told him that he was in trouble and then tells her that she is not telling the truth when she lies about their conversation saying that she was only comforting him, he is not going to be a part of any drama, and leaves. Brandi, who does not like James, says that he is a horrible liar and is not lying, and Omarosa is a good liar and she is lying.

Ross, Marissa, and Ari talk and Ari is not sure that James should not be the target. Ross wants them to stick to the target. They talk about working James to get him on their side. They will tell him that if one of them wins the Veto they will take him off, and tell him that they want him to stay. Brandi calls James upstairs. Shannon is laying in the lounge. Shannon hears it and knows that the house is against her. She tells Metta that they are all upstairs talking to James right now. She tells him that whatever team he is on she will be there for him to give him an edge. He has a personal vendetta against her because she would not let him go home to be with his wife.

Upstairs Brandi tells James that they do not want him to go. They offer him final five, and his job is to be loyal to them to get Shannon out. He is not happy about it, but he makes the deal.

The celebrities get messages from home. Julie says she is wearing red for Chinese New Year. James gets a message from his sister and niece. etta gets a messafe from his wife that says she is tuning in every night. She tells him he really needs to win this thing and of course she will be his valentine. Mark’s children and wife tell him to win it. Omarosa’s dad and mom wish her a happy birthday. They want her to win and come home, so they cannot lose. Marissa’s family is watching her and her son and husband miss her. Brandi’s friend, Andy Cohen, tells her that he is watching. Shannon’s husband says she is his ride or die and he loves her. Ross’s partner tells him not to come home too soon. Ari’s family wishes her love and her dad wishes her love from his bed.

Marissa says that she loves that they are watching the live feeds. Julie tells Mark that he has a beautiful wife and twins who are gorgeous. Metta’s wife is beyond gorgeous and he says that he misses Maya.

Omarosa says that Sean Spicer was in briefings every day and it was a special torture. She says that he could barely pronounce words and they had to work with him. Omarosa says that when she was in the White House during Clinton years there was Ken Star, a special prosecuter and it costs the taxpayers millions and millions of dollars. She thinks that it would still not be going on if something rose to the level of impeachment.

Ross is the announcer for the Veto game and explains the rules to us. He is also a player. They are eating four courses in a dark restaurant and will then hit a switch to turn on the light. Ross says that it is completely dark and he is trying to find a chair. He sits in the chair and is hit in the face with pea soup. He looks for the entrance to the next course and it is cheese and honey. He climbs over cheese bits of foam and wades through honey, under a fence through marinara and noodles. He gets chocolate lava cake and he looks for the light switch cord. He gets confetti.

James finds the seat and gets the pea soup, heads on through the cheese and honey, then is on to the noodles and marinara. He gets to the lava cake and finds the light switch, stopping the timer.

Ari goes through the room and almost loses her pants in the honey. Omarosa does not want to mess up her hair so she is wearing a swim cap. She loses her pants in the honey, but is wearing stretch leggins underneath. She lost her shoes in the honey as well, and ends up back in the pea soup room. She finally makes it to the final room and gets the light on. Brandi makes her way through the pea soup, and finds her way to the cheese and honey. She says dinner is actually on her, but not on her since she is not paying. She finishes the course and checks herself out in the mirror.

Shannon wants to stay low and crawl around. She gets through to the honey and cheese and she gets to the spaghetti and sauce. She can’t find the light switch, but finally does.

The Veto Results are given. Ross has 9:46. Ari got 12:02. Omarosa got 19:28. Brandi got 21:29. Shannon got 8:41. James got 6:24. James wins the Power of Veto. Ari has to replace him and Ross suggests Mark, but Ari does not want to poke the bear with Mark. Ross says that Mark does not have any power in the house so there would be no reprocussios. She is thinking Omarosa, but she does not want her mad at her.

James holds the Veto Meeting. James tells Shannon that he is going to use the Power of Veto on himself. Ari names Mark as the replacement nominee. The veto meeting is adjourned.

Mark says that the move shows his position in the house. He feels that people need to look out or they may find themselves in their own bed sooner than they want. Shannon sees the writing on the wall. She and James hug it out and she tells him to break up the pairs, Ross and Marissa and Brandi and Ari. Ross tells the other that Shannon is going to leave scorched earth in her wake.

The nominees get to make a plea. Mark goes first and he says that the house makes you an emotional wreck and a crying fool. He shouts out to his family, and he tells the housemates that there is chicanery and with age comes infinite wisdom. Should he be evicted, who will do the dishes and towels? Shannon says thank you to the producers and she loves the game. She wants to raise awareness for the animals and that rhinos are being poached for their horns, and elephant ivory is killing the elephants. She uses her plea time to plead for endangered animals. Just a note that the others are in athletic gear except for Shannon and Ari.

Ross supports, but votes to evict Shannon.
Marissa cries, but sadly votes to evict Shannon.
Omarosa votes to evict Shannon.
James votes to evict Shannon.
Brandi votes to evict Mark.
Metta votes to evict the wonderful Shannon.

By a vote of five to one, Shannon is evicted from the Big Brother House. Shannon hugs it out and tells Metta that his owl is under the couch in the lounge.

Julie asks her about knowing and she says that Ross and Marissa didn’t fight for her. Julie tells her that the night that Keisha was evicted, she was the target and she says that Ross told her, but will not get her vote. Julie asks her if she was playing too hard. She says that felt that she had to win for the girls. She says that usually it take a thirteen letter word to win, so how was she to know they would only do 6 letter words. Shannon is sad to go before the competition she feels they are going to play tonight. She says that she didn’t like worrying about what was said behind their back.

Omarosa says it devastates her to see her out there and she hopes to visit with her in Africa. Ross says that they all know that with her in the house they have no chance to win. Marissa wants to know her out of the house. Metta wants to have coffee with her out of the house and he loves her like a sister.

Shannon pitches her animal conservation group and tells us to never ride an elephant on vacation, research factory farming to know what is going into your body, and trophy hunting is not conservation.

It is time for the new Head of Household competition. Ari will not play as outgoing Head of Household. The houseguests are on a wall sitting on seat and must be the last person to sit in their seat. The first three to drop will go on slop. Their seats have small ledges under them to hook their feet, but they have to keep their knees bent. This is an endurance Head of Household competition.

We can influence the Veto by going to Join CBS on Sunday at 8 P.M. to learn who becomes the new Head of Household and who is nominated.

By the way Omarosa won Head of House and Ross, Metta and Mark are on slop.

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