Big Brother Celebrity Edition: Opinions, Odds, and Predictions For Feb 16, 2018


Hello once again everybody!! Well in spite of the drama surrounding Shannon’s reaction to getting nominated, from a game standpoint it was a relatively uneventful week. Shannon was targeted as expected, and she was unable to win either HOH or POV, so barring a last minute flip or someone essentially quitting the game , Shannon will be the 3rd evictee of the season tonight. Tonight’s HOH is very pivotal as Ross, Marissa, Ari, and Brandi seem to be sticking together and there being eight people left now, they could really take control with a couple more HOH wins. As always there’s plenty to discuss, these are my thoughts:

Well I thought tonight would be a double eviction : I guess we should remember that CBS likes to back load these evictions as much as possible. It makes sense in that with more people in the game longer it increases the chance that someone’s favorite player would still be in there. I read somewhere that Ross “slipped up” and said he was told there’d 4 people going into the final episode and not 3. If that’s the case, then you could have a scenario where after tonight cuts the cast to 8, Monday would make it 7, next Friday 5 (there will be a double eviction at some point, right?), than another eviction on the show on Saturday the 24th to make it 4. One thing that surprises me is on Monday, a one hour show they had a live POV and a live ceremony, kind of a mini-fast forward if you will, and now tonight a TWO hour episode they’re not doing that or doing a double eviction. I guess they’ll have more time to show the POV for what that’s worth. Also don’t forget after the show you’ll get to see the HOH comp on the live feeds or so they promised.

Odds: As of right now just about anyone can still win. Needless to say I didn’t see what happened with Keisha as a possibility at this time last week. Shannon’s pretty obviously going tonight, but I’m even giving her odds because you never know when someone else might want to go home. No real clear favorite at this point. Here goes:

Ross 4-1
Ari 4-1
Marissa 9-2
James 5-1
Brandi 6-1
Mark 8-1
Metta WP 10-1
Omarosa 15-1
Shannon 50-1

Ross 4-1: I think he’s in a pretty good position although I get the sense he’s popping up on people’s radar. The way he’s been playing has benefited him, but could bite him in a hurry if the wrong person gets power.

Ari 4-1: Her and Brandi are stronger players and more into this game than I would have anticipated. If I had to declare a slight favorite I might go with her, but I need to see a few more days before I can do that. There’s a chance James could target her.

Marissa 9-2: She’s really driving the feed watchers crazy with all the talking she’s doing. Right now I need to see if the four of them in her alliance will dominate the game and be four of the final five or something, or if other people will win some HOH’s. If she’s up against Ross logic would dictate Ross would be the target, but Ross could maneuver his out of it. Being 4-1 instead of 9-2 means I’m giving someone maybe a 2-3% better chance of winning, she’s very much in this.

James 5-1: Kind of like what I was thinking with Shannon last week. He’s clearly a target, but he’s a strong competitor and there’s not all that many people left. The only he has left that he could really trust in my opinion is Mark, and so far he’s not interested in competing. Omarosa and Metta would perhaps go after people James wouldn’t object to, but I don’t know how comfortable he is with either of those two.

Brandi 6-1: I enjoy how blunt she is with people, but I don’t that the others enjoy it. If she makes it to the end as of now I’d make her the underdog against just about anyone.

Mark 8-1: I would start trying to win some comps if I were him. He calls himself a floater which is unusual. It’s not something you say about your friends. Someone who gets called that by a fan or another player is generally just disliked by them. But there’s others that try to win comps but can’t , and really can’t come very close. Then as a result no one takes them seriously as either an ally or a threat so they go aways in the game until the controlling alliance runs out of people to evict. Chef Joe in BB14 was like that. There’s others like Victoria who just don’t know anything about the game, and get the same way. In Mark’s case he wants people to think that way about him until I’m guessing he’ll try to fool them. Like I say, I wouldn’t wait much longer.

Metta 10-1: Hey, ya never know. I’m waiting for him to win a comp and see what happens.

Omarosa 15-1: Don’t be fooled by her finishing 2nd in the live POV on Monday, she didn’t any of those questions right, the other person kept getting wrong. She’s really the only one I’m rooting against at this point.

Shannon 50-1: I was hoping she’d go further than this, but she made her own bed. One thing I need to point out is just because someone is playing the game hard DOES NOT mean they are playing well. Shannon has the makings of someone that could be a good or even great player if she gets to play again. She’s intelligent, knows the game well, and is quite capable in the comps. But right now she overplays everything, and overthinks everything. Worse yet when she got nominated it wasn’t like she said “ok game on” , she cried and pouted and whined about it being unfair. Overall I do like her, but let’s face it, she played a lousy game.

Predictions: 6-0 to evict Shannon (who knows Metta or someone might want to throw a vote the other way for the heck of it) . I’ll say James for HOH, and one of the four alliance members will be evicted.

Ok that’s it for now!! Enjoy your two hour episode! 8/7

MattD (@MattD34 on twitter).

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