Celebrity Big Brother Recap: February 14, 2018


Tonight on Celebrity Big Brother the house adjusts to life without Keisha, who was evicted at her own request on Monday night. The show opens with the background of Keisha’s request to go. When she was pressured to stay she said that she needed to go because her baby needed her milk and she was not producing. Shannon is not happy about the switch up. Brandi says that she understands why Keisha needed to go, but it was frustrating and a waste of an HoH.

Ross, Shannon, and James talk about Keisha’s speech and what she meant. Ross says that she probably meant them, but it is meaningless. Ross doesn’t want Shannon to know that she is the target until she walks out the door. James is happy to be in an alliance that works together with Marissa, Shannon, Ross, and himself. Ross tells us that he has a confused look that he uses when he has to keep information from Shannon.

Ross enters from the diary room dressed as a cruise line captain. He announces the new Head of Household competition. The houseguests are dressed as cruise ship passengers. It is BB Celebrity Voyages. Ross tells everyone that they will play one at a time shooting a round of golf where they need to get three hole in ones in the fastest time. They will have obstacles such as fans blowing on the putting green. Omarosa says that she knows that Shannon is the target, and Shannon is under the impression that Omarosa is the target.

Brandi is up first and she putts repeatedly before she gets her first hole in one. She doesn’t like golf and says that her spot is the nineteenth hole. She finally gets it at 5:56.46 seconds. Shannon is up next and she gets it in 3:04.91. Omarosa says that she is a golfer, but the fans are really messing with her game. She cannot beat Shannon. Marissa is up next and she is proving that theater kids are not good at sports. Ari is up next and she works to take the HOH from Shannon. She beats Shannon with a 2:18.08. It is Metta’s turn. Metta says that he has a lot of thoughts running through his head and they are all about cruise ships. Mark does not want Metta to win because no one knows who may go up. They may not even be in the house. He does not beat Ari. Mark is up and he does not want the win. He intentionally loses. Shannon talks to James and tells him that he has to hit the rock. James feels he is safe, but he loves competitions, so he goes out for the win. Ross says that they can’t tell him about the Shannon plan, so a win for him will put their plans on hold. James does sink the putt, but he is one second off her time. Ariadna is the new Head of Household.

Shannon feels that Ari is the perfect person to win HoH. She feels safe with Ari nominating. Brandi is very happy and knows she is safe since it is her ally nominating.

There is a lot of jumping around and Omarosa is very happy to see Ari as Head of Household. James and Shannon talk about who should go up in the second seat. Shannon thinks that Metta should be the second seat so he won’t play to take Omarosa down. Ross thinks that Ari has two options, put up Omarosa and Metta and backdoor Shannon, or bring out the big guns and put up Shannon and James. Metta feels he is back in the game after being denied his opportunity to go. He says that if he is going to be kept away from his family, he is going to make each person, one at a time sorry that they did not send him home.

He speaks with Ari and tells Ari and Brandi that they need to just put up Shannon and James.

Omarosa talks about the White House and how they had to do renovations because it is an old building and Trump came from the Tower. Omarosa says that Melania has impecable taste and that you learn to say “Mr. President” quick when there are men with guns standing around.

Ari wants to send Shannon home first. Ross suggests nominating Omarosa and Mark. Ari says that they should just put up Shannon and James. If one wins, send the other home. They will not have anyone supporting them. One will come after them, but it is just one person.

Shannon wants to talk about nominations, but Metta is employed as a block in the HoH room to keep her from influencing Ari. Shannon finally leaves. Ari and Brandi think that Shannon is crazy. Downstairs James asks Shannon if she got to talk to them and she tells him that she woke up thinking that they were turning on them. Shannon says that when people won’t look you in the eye or talk to you she knows, as a Big Brother fan, that she is the target.

Shannon tells Mark that she is done, and curls up in bed. James comes in and tells her to snap out of it. She is a competitor and needs to head out there and win. When she says that people won’t talk with her he tells her that there is a lot of game to be played, he has been targeted since day one, and she is good at the game. She thanks him and wipes her

Ariadna calls the Nominations Ceremony. Shannon has her dark glasses on. When Brandi asks her if she is okay, she says that she is not okay and no one believes her. No one would talk to her. Brandi gets into it a bit with her, and Omarosa asks her if she campaigned against her while she was in the hospital. Shannon says she remained true to what they had, but she did tell truths to Keisha.

Ariadna nominates James and Shannon. She says she nominated them because they are the biggest competitors in the house and she admires them so much, but this is her decision. It is not personal. Ariadna says that everyone is cautious about big moves, but this has to be done. James says that both Ari and Brandi made a mistake. He was nominated, and the person who nominated him went home next. Shannon says that they have been after her since day one. She is tearful in the diary room. Omarosa says that Shannon has backstabbed her and tried to ruin her game. Sometimes revenge is best served cold.

Tune in to Celebrity Big Brother on Friday at 8 P.M. for the Veto competition and find out if the Veto will be used to remove either James or Shannon from the block.

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