Celebrity Big Brother ~ A Riley T.D. Perspective


Hi everyone~! Have you enjoyed Ross as the boss? And now, Ariadna! Too much time wasted on the eviction of Kiesha and let’s just move on. Omarosa is happiest no doubt, and I do not believe her in her diary room sessions or pretty much anything out of her mouth, she is not a BB fan, just a fan of the spotlight and money, oh, and the spotlight..geez, and Mark just said what I said about Sunday’s show, people are starting to loose their mind (I said accelerated paranoia!!), and he realizes he has to start playing the game.

Ross and Meta are so funny, I still laugh more at him and Meta than anyone. He is playing a “Paul’s” game (many alliances). He plays such a good host for any game. Another cruise line mini golf game for. Brandi, then Shannon takes the lead, Omarosa looses, Marissa looses Ariadna takes the lead, Meta looses, then Mark, then James looses by a point of a second and Ariadna wins and now everyone ‘thinks’ they are her personal power assistant!! Let’s not leave her alone to think or to talk for herself. (I watched yesterday when Omarosa and Brandi wouldn’t even let her go get her battery pack changed without one of them!).

A lot can happen in two days don’t you think? I am not so sure why they want to do a backdoor again, but good for them if it works. Shannon will fight hard for the veto no matter what happens. They are all putting in their two cents to Ariadna. Seems like the plan is to back door Shannon. No matter what they do, Ross is getting too deep with too many alliances and someone is going to call him out just like Kiesha called out Shannon at last eviction. I really like him in the game, he loves to scheme, and he does it really well. The mean girls are up to it again, Brandi and Omarosa, even thought they may not be ‘aligned’, they are emotional cruel to people.

These celebrities all have big over the top egos in their own rights and means, its amazing to see their true colors come out. So here we go, tensions are high. Adriana looks beautiful, she nominates James, and Shannon. Well, at least she is not going to back door them, she does what she wants to do. Even if one of them win, so many new little things could happen, let’s see who has it in them to fight.

We all get to see it play out live on Friday..enjoy your day~!


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