Celebrity Big Brother Recap: February 12, 2018


By honeySC

Tonight on Celebrity Big Brother Ross is the new Head of Household, and he nominates Omarosa and Keisha. Ross considers new targets in James and Shannon when he learns that they are getting closer. He is sure that the two of them are the strongest players in the game.

Tonight we will see a live Veto competition and learn who wins, and who ends up in the nomination chair after the Veto meeting. Ross didn’t know that he was the kind of guy who could nominate someone just out of the hospital.

Ross explains to Omarosa that she was just a logical target and Omarosa counters that she knows now that there is more important things in the world than a Big Brother nomination. Meanwhile Ariadna and Brandi strategize about Shannon and James being a powerhouse together and very co-dependent. Brandi goes to Ross and talks about the fact that Shannon and James are going to win everything if left unchecked. Ross has been thinking about backdooring Shannon and Ross is afraid that he is going to be in the chair speaking with Julie because he didn’t have the balls to move on Shannon when he could. They decide that if the opportunity arises, they should remove Keisha and try to recruit her, and replace her with Shannon.

Ross takes his strategy to Marissa and while they are talking Marissa sees Shannon in the kitchen. She was an ally of Shannon’s and now she wants to backdoor her as well.

Omarosa speaks about her time in the White House. Ross says that she was just in the Oval Office with Donald Trump and now she is in the Big Brother House. She tells the group that people outed themselves with Obama and signed up, and now Trump knows where they are and this is how they are being rounded up. She says that the round up (of immigrants) is much more aggressive. She has seen the plan. She says that Trump is bad, but life would be much worse under Pence. She says that Pence believes that Jesus tells him to say things, and although she is a strong Christian, she isn’t into that. Mark is not as sure of Omarosa and her words because, “It is Omarosa’s world and he is just living in it.”

Ross talks to Mark about back dooring Shannon and worries that Mark might leak to James who would leak to Shannon. He is sure that if she gets a whiff of it, he will be out the door in the next eviction. He feels that she is playing the game way too hard and he must be the one to stop her.

Metta hangs out in the hot tub and is entranced by the camera nodding at him. He gets a play fight going with the pink flamingos and jokes that he feels as great as Barack Obama with the attention they are giving him.

Marissa and Ross, Brandi and Ari hang out in the HOH while Shannon knocks on the door. They do not answer. Shannon takes off with a serious look on her face.

It is time for Ross, Ariadna, Shannon, Omarosa, Marissa, and Keisha will play. They will answer questions that have a number answer. The answers are more, exactly or less. They must buzz in or be eliminated and it is a face off.

Keisha and Ross. THe first celebrity billboard is for a pet cruise. Eight wearing camoflauge hats. Keisha is right with less. Ross is out.

Shannon and Omarosa look at neon necklaces and Shannon rings in with less and it is incorrect. Shannon is out.

Marissa and Ari go after pumpkins. There are eight, and Marissa is correct. Ari is out.

Keisha and Omarosa number goats and Keisha is out.

It is Omarosa against Marissa. Marissa rings in first with eleven kids and she holds the Power of Veto.

Marissa approaches Keisha and they talk about taking Keisha down. Keisha cries and says that she has to keep her word. She has to be loyal. She says that it is real and about her kid. Marissa wants to be alone for a minute to decide what to do.

Marissa opens the Veto Meeting. Marissa decides not to use the Power of Veto. The nominations remain the same. This means that tonight, either Omarosa or Keisha will leave tonight.

It is time for the live vote to evict. Keisha says that she appreciates all of them. She says that she fought hard and wanted to compete, but she is losing her lactating ability for her baby and she wants to go home and just nurse her baby. She says that she is not in an alliance. Omarosa says that she loves and is proud of Keisha and is her sister. She says no man is your friend, no man is your foe, and every man is your teacher. She says to make the best decision for Keisha.

The votes;
Shannon votes to evict Keisha.
Ari votes to evict Keisha.
Brandi votes to evict Keisha.
James votes to evict Keisha.
Mark votes to evict Keisha.
Marissa votes to evict Keisha.
Metta votes to evict Keisha.

By a vote of seven to zero, Keisha is evicted from the Big Brother House. Keisha hugs everyone and tells them that she appreciates this. She tells them not to kill each other. Metta says that he loves them. She tells them to tell production to give her their info and she will get in touch with people and tell their stories.

Keisha joins Julie on stage. Keisha says that she is worried about her supply of breast milk is diminishing. Her daughter is a year old and still nursing. She provides the main source for her daughter’s food. Keisha says that she is surprised that she and Omarosa bonded since they are opposing in political views. As women, she was not going to tear her down and see strong African American women. Julie asks if her words to James was to expose Shannon, and Keisha says she hopes so. She feels that Shannon is at the bottom of a lot that is going on in the house.

Back in the house the houseguests ,hug it out and James wants to eat. Ross wonders why they do this, turning the photos black and white.

Join CBS on Wednesday at 8 P.M. for the next episode of Celebrity Big Brother where the next Head of Household will be crowned and the next round of houseguests will be nominated for eviction. With only two weeks to go, evictions will be fast and furious.

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