Celebrity Big Brother: A Riley T.D. Perspective


Hi everyone~! Did you enjoy this last live eviction? I feel like we got robbed!! Where did they find these people they call celebrities and who found them?

Geez, I guess there is a reason they are all called “D” listers and that is where they sit with me, pathetic…cry because you are on the block and plead to go home…and the laughter that Omarosa got, shows the transparency of what a crock of patoui I just watched, needless to say, I am extremely disappointed that they one, they didn’t have the balls (Ross’s words), to oust Shannon, and two, they didn’t get rid of the most rotten seed in the group, imo that is Omarosa, and three, the quality of players that they attracted this first go round…at least get healthy players. I do hope Kiesha the best but she shouldn’t have gone into the house if she had a medical issue. Call me harsh but they are playing a game, a game that is physical and mental and they just walk out…

Omarosa’s speech was a joke. Good for you that cheer her on, I am just not one of them the way she talks to people unless you are ‘the chosen one’ is awful, her demanding tone will never get her reinvented off this show…and let me ask you this BBfans, do you think she will engage the B Bfamily when this show is over? I’d say she won’t where as Russ will embrace us.

Ok, now that I got that out of the way…I enjoyed the new cruise line challenge, and I get it; fast and most of these wont think who to challenge as it goes so quickly live. I love the fact Marissa is proving these mean girls that she can play by her happy go lucky strategy and knock them all off their game. I found it funny Shannon was picked, but was out in the first of her rounds. Loved it that Omarosa and Kiesha had to compete at the end against each other and then against Marissa. I am still irritated no one can keep to a plan, I feel like the oxygen is depleting from the house.

How funny was that watching Meta play in the hot tub. Those funny moments make the show so much better. He is such a big sweetheart, cracks me up he obviously didn’t watch any episodes while in sequester before the show. As far as Brandy and Adriadna, they are floating as far as they can, I see Brandi voting any way to further her in the game, never making a game changing moment. Mark, he is just figuring everything out and may make a new alliance this week…Omarosa will be playing damage and poor me control, Shannon and James think they are safe but in that close of quarters, I think we will see accelerated paranoia is bound to set in this week… Ross, he better step back because he can’t play next and let a couple of the girls squash themselves, yes I think a good cat fight is in our midst…

Are you happy with such small quarters/no back yard? I think it’s too small but maybe too cold for these ‘celebrities?? Still is nicer than here in Michigan where I am looking at mounds of snow that im wondering if it will ever melt… enjoy your day wherever you are…Riley T.D.

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