Celebrity Big Brother Recap: February 11, 2018


Tonight on Celebrity Big Brother Omarosa and Keisha are stunned over the turn of events that blindsided Chuck. With Chuck’s departure James takes credit for the blindside. Omarosa now knows that there is an alliance that she is not a part of, and Shannon worries that she made the right decision.

Keisha only has trust in Omarosa, but Brandi is feeling that Omarosa has been put in her place. Marissa approaches Brandi, Ross, and Shannon and tells them that Omarosa totally yelled at her.

Shannon forms a final four with Marissa, Ross, and James. Ross has another final with Ari and Brandi. He wishes his dating life would be so good.

Shannon explains to Omarosa who admonishes her not to lie to her. Shannon feels that Keisha lied to her and went behind her back and made an alliance with Chuck. Omarosa tells her that Marissa, Ari, and Brandi could not come up with any strategy. It would be laughable. Omarosa says that she consistently had her back. Shannon decides to come clean with the group and tell them that she was working with Omarosa, since she is afraid Omarosa would tell everyone. Shannon tells them that it is over, but that is how she was getting information.

Omarosa and Keisha talk with Metta. He has no idea about a backdoor. Metta says that he voted for Chuck to stay and they tell him that his vote was to send Chuck home. He is so surprised and says he has to pay better attention.

The houseguests gather for the Head of Household competition. They are dressed in tutus and must spin until dizzy and then bowl. It is called “Bowlerina.” In it they will challenge someone to be in a head to head match. The winner of the match continues until they are beat. The loser is out.

Shannon wants to be sure that Omarosa does not win, but Keisha is counting on her for a win. Shannon advises her group to keep picking Omarosa until she is out and when Omarosa hears it, she confronts Shannon. Omarosa says that she will regret it when she is standing next to a guy and loses the game.

Omarosa chooses Marissa because she thinks she will not be good at spinning, but Marissa is a dancer on Broadway and can spin forever. Omarosa has no sense of balance and can’t get her pins down. Marissa gets her pins down and Omarosa has a breathing problem. She has asthma and heads to the diary room for a medic.

Ross is up next and he plays against Metta. He says to beat a champion, you have to play a champion. Metta talks about throwing a bowling party and says this is up his alley. Ross spins and knocks down three pins while Meta gets two. Ross goes again and while Metta is left with one, Ross gets his out.

Mark is up next and challenges Brandi. He gets his spins in and gets two down before the wall comes back up. Brandi gets one down but she is throwing overhand. Ari is next and she is against James. James gets all four down in one spin, and Ari is out.

Shannon goes up against Mark and both go at it furiously. Shannon gets three down while Mark gets two, but in his second run, he gets the other two and Shannon is out. Marissa chooses James, and he says that he knows she wants to play the best, but it would have been smart to choose Mark because he is not in their alliance.

Ross is now up against Mark and Mark remains ahead by one pin. Ross gets it and beats Mark. Shannon trusts Ross the most and when the final competition is between James and Ross, she wants Ross to win. James’ plan to give it to Ross falls right into Shannon’s plans and he tells her that he wants to play next week and this is an opportunity to show trust in his alliance. She tells him that Ross will nominate Omarosa and Keisha. Ross is dizzy and James is trying to throw the competition, so it is funny. Ross spins slowly while James tries to miss and finally Ross wins Head of Household.

Keisha says you have to expect the unexpected. Omarosa is missing and Ross just won Head of Household. Returning inside, they cannot locate Omarosa. Mark worries about her. The rest of the houseguests go looking for her without luck.

Ross is clear about his nominations. He feels he can just pop in and do a job, nominate them, send one home, and be done with it. Ross hopes Omarosa returns. Ross is worried about his target being MIA because he will not know what to do with his position. Metta says that everyone is concerned and hangs with Keisha to wait news of some kind.

Shannon and Marissa chat and feel that Omarosa will not come back. Shannon says if tonight had gone her way……. and Marissa agrees. Ross talks with Marissa about looking for other targets should Omarosa not return, and he and Marissa laugh when the natural targets are their alliance, James and Shannon. Ross thinks that Shannon is playing even harder than James. They break up thinking about it, and how absurb the thought is.

Ross calls the houseguests to the living room. Mark’s stomach is in knots as Ross reads the message. It says that Omarosa has been taken to the hospital to recover from an asthma attack. She will return to the house and the game will continue as usual. Everyone is relieved that Omarosa will be okay.

Ari and Marissa talk with Ross in the HoH while Shannon and James play pool right outside the room. Ross says they have a final two and Ari says she saw them talking last night. Ross says that they have all been playing Shannon’s game.

Omarosa returns and the house is abuzz when Ari announces her return to the house. Ross goes in to say hi to her but she is sleeping. Ari and Metta also go in but find her sleeping. Keisha is happy to have her ally back. Omarosa comes into the kitchen and Ross says that she just got back from the hospital and the real Ross wants to make her chicken soup and tuck her in. The Big Brother Ross wants to send her home. He is not sure which Ross will win the war inside him.

Ross calls the house for the Nominations Ceremony. Ross has the keybox and he has two keys in the box. He nominates Omarosa and Keisha. He explains his nominations saying that it is not personal, it is Big Brother. Omarosa cuts him off and he says if they want to take off and he will say it to everyone else. Omarosa grins and Ross tells everyone that it is not personal. Ross says that he had to make this move for his safety, but if one of them wins the Veto, he may have to make another move. Keisha is going to play hard to stay in the house and Omarosa says she is looking forward to playing in the Veto competition.

Join Big Brother on Monday night at 8 P.M. eastern for the Veto competition.

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