Big Brother Celebrity Edition: Perspective by Riley T.D.


Hi everyone~! It’s Bowl-a-rama time! It was fun to see more people in this challenge than in the past, and was fun to watch them either go for it or, like James I guess blow it. I am never one to think it is ‘okay’ to throw a comp, it just doesn’t work into my strategies, and he played right into Shannon’s hand and now they both are going to be targets #3 & 4.

The show has been really good, keeping us up to the most important things and convos that seem to be going on. Being this on such a fast past 2 weeks of game play, most of the players have stepped up their game extremely quickly. My only pinge about Shannon she is trying to cover every type of scenario In the same day; blindside, convince to throw comps etc…

So the game starts and the gang of 4+3 of the boys are going to target Omorasa and Kiesha. Omarosa’s chip was picked first, so she challenges Marissa. They spin, knock pins down, spin some more…Marissa just kicks butt against the out of shape Omarosa. There is no doubt, Omarosa was mad before the game started knowing that they are targeting her, of course Omarosa says ‘attacking’ her…well, isn’t that she was doing to others when she thought ‘she’ had the power?

I’m not buying her go to the hospital asthma attack. One, Big Brother would NOT have a contestant that is in that poor of health that they cant spin 12 times…no way. I am glad she ok, but I know that there is medical staff on site, and its Omarosa’s dramatics that she had to insist to go to hospital. Eh, I still don’t buy it. She is not gaining points from me. She is a poor sport, the first challenge she participates, it doesn’t go her way, deflect, rearrange, keep them guessing and make others feel you are the victim…sounds like the WH totally rubbed off on her.

Needless to say, she didn’t win, and didn’t come back into the house till late in the night, sneaked in and went to bed, seems like all guests went in to check on her but no one even tried to ask if she was ok etc, I think they weren’t as concerned as like, say, when Christmas broke her foot? Do you wonder why no one tried to talk to her and why she says she has no friends, well, she treats people so bad no one wants to be around her.

The games must go on, and Ross challenges Meta, and wins, James challenges Adriana and wins, Ross and Mark go at it and Ross wins, I don’t remember who Marissa looses to, but I will tell you this, I was not happy when Shannon told James to throw it to Ross, though I’m actually hoping that Ross wins the whole enchilada…he is so good scheming with Marissa under the radar. Well, we didn’t get to ‘see’ Ross open his HOH room but I will surely go back on All access to check it out, im sure it was fun to see him get his pics etc..i just find him quite comical and I have never even heard of him in the ‘real’ world.

So what do you think of all the backstabbing going on all ready? Are you surprised, that Omarosa returned, and Ross actually put her and Kiesha on the block? I am so glad he did and I hope, it’s a physical competition for this POV…

Get your popcorn and snacks ready, Celebrity Big Brother comes back tonight, and another one bites the dust…enjoy your day.


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