Big Brother Celebrity Edition: Opinions, Odds, and Predictions


Hello once again everybody!! We’re already to our 2nd eviction tonight as the season as expected just zips right along. Omorosa should be leaving tonight if she doesn’t win POV, although that could change. There will be nine players left after tonight’s eviction, and you really can’t rule anybody out at this point, even Metta could surprise people. Anyway tonight should be a good episode. As always there’s plenty to discuss. These are my thoughts:

Let’s remember a few things: People are talking about how there’s so much more gameplay than there ever was and all that, but we need to remember that 1) there’s an eviction every few days. In a regular season of Big Brother after the POV meeting on Monday very little happens between then and the Thursday night live show. Every once in a great while the vote flips, but even when that happens, it’s mostly dead during that time. 2) These people were already in the Final 11 the minute they walked in the house. Last year going into the first double eviction, there were 11 people left. On August 17th. The show started in June. They evicted someone on night 1, then a second person left the house before the feeds even came on. So from June until August 17th we went from 15 people left to 11. Not exactly a huge reward for playing the game hard. So literally you have to work and survive for about 50 days or so just to get where this cast was when they moved in. Frankly I think the cast they have is fantastic, and I hope they keep doing this, but I’m just saying don’t forget those 2 things.

Live eviction schedule (maybe): One thing we have in common with the “Over the Top” season is we didn’t know what was going to happen next. I think I have this figured out, but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. As mentioned after tonight we’ll be at 9 people left. If they do a double eviction Friday that would make it 7, another eviction Monday would make it 6, another double the next Friday would get us to 4, then there’s an episode on Saturday the 24th which would get to us to the final 3 on finale night. Now it wouldn’t be easy to have the 3 part final HOH that quickly, so something different could happen. But that’s the schedule that makes the most sense to me.

Odds: There’s still enough players left that everyone’s probably going to lose, in fact it’s until the very end if I ever get anyone down to even money or better. Once again, these are just odds to win, not to make the finals. As of right now, Ross and Marissa seem to be doing the best, but I can’t rule anyone out except for Omorosa. As surprising as it would be at this point for her to make the finals, it’d be a shock if she got enough votes. Anyway here goes:

Ross 4-1
Marissa 4-1
Shannon 6-1
Ari 7-1
Brandi 8-1
Mark 9-1
James 9-1
Metta WP 11-1
Keisha 13-1
Omarosa 30-1

Ross 4-1: Well he’s in quite a few alliances to say the least. He could go all the way, or he could crash and burn suddenly. He’s the fan favorite.

Marissa 4-1: It’s tempting to put her even ahead of Ross. She’s in a good position, and she’s being way more laid back about it. One thing is I wonder what kind of comps they’ll have throughout this. I have the feeling most of these comps will be the type that everyone is at least physically capable of winning. I don’t know how well she’ll do if she has to win one, but that might not be for awhile.

Shannon 6-1: Well she’s capable of winning the game, and she very could go out tonight if Omorosa wins POV. There was even talk of evicting her regardless but that’s simmered down. As hard as she’s playing the game, she better keep winning comps. Her performance in the spelling bee was the best in BB history. She’s already won an endurance comp as well. She’s on too many people’s radar for my liking, but boy can she bring it.

Ari 7-1: She’s not on anyone’s radar at the moment but I’m not sure what she’s capable of at the moment.

Brandi 8-1: She really makes me laugh between all the drinking and the DR sessions, I find her quite entertaining. She doesn’t strike me as someone that’ll win but like with Ari no one seems to be after her.

Mark 9-1: Was able to avoid being nominated the first week which was huge. Ross’s HOH has been a breeze for him, and unless drastically bad happens he shouldn’t have much to worry about tonight.

James 9-1: Kinda weird for me because like most people I liked Chuck way more than him, but overall I liked the flip. I hope he doesn’t go too much further though.

Metta WP 11-1: I’m really entertained by him even though he’s in his own world. It’d be hilarious if he wins an HOH. No idea what he would end up doing.

Keisha 13-1: Not in great shape at the moment, but her fortunes could improve if Omorosa goes tonight. New alliances always get formed in this game.

Omorosa 30-1: One thing that’s worth pointing out is on the season of the Apprentice that I watched she accused someone or another of being racist there as well. That show was I think in 2004, and I really haven’t paid any attention to her since then until recently. Hopefully tonight goes according to plan.

Predictions: Shannon wins POV, keeps the nominations the same and Omarosa gets evicted 7-0. I will put my money on James to be the next HOH.

Ok that’s it for now, enjoy the show!!!

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