Celebrity Big Brother Recap: February 9, 2018


Tonight on night three of the season premiere of Big Brother Celebrity Edition, the episode opens with both Chuck and James on the block, with Keisha recast as the new Head of Household. Shannon is relieved to be dethroned since she hadn’t yet nominated anyone, and feels she has no blood on her hands from her time as Head of Household.

Julie welcomes us to Celebrity Big Brother. She reminds us that politics has come to the Big Brother House, Brandi has been in a cat-fight, and Metta has been brought to tears. Tonight will be the first live eviction, and one celebrity will go home.

James says that he will not take this personally, but he is not going to forgive and forget. Ross wants to be sure that someone from his alliance wins Veto so they do not have to nominate anyone else. Chuck feels sure that even if they had not opened a bag, the nominations would still be the same.

Keisha says that ultimately both will go, but she wants James gone first. Marissa feels they need to take the shot they have right now, and they all decide to just go for the Veto. Shannon secretly tells James that it may not be as bad as they think, but in reality her motive is to make him feel more comfortable so he won’t work as hard to get the Veto and they will be able to send him home.

Mark feels that James is young, strong, and going for it, so he tells him that if he wins the Veto, he will use it on James. Omarosa meets with Keisha and tells her that often a large alliance won’t make it so she is wanting a side alliance with Keisha, calling it BGM, for black girls magic. Keisha is up for it and they decide to go for it.

Six people play in Veto. The nominees, James and Chuck join her for the Veto pick. Keisha draws house guest choice. She selects Shannon. James pulls Ariadna. Chuck draws Mark. Keisha chooses Omarosa. Keisha asks Mark who he would pick should he win the Veto and when he says James, she tells him that she will do whatever she can to get him to rethink that position. Keisha then goes to Chuck and tells him to fight like hell to win today. Chuck admits that he does not think that Mark will use it on him.

Julie shares news of the outside world with the celebrities. She asks Ross what he misses and he says news, his dog and wonders if Trump is still president, and who won the Superbowl. Omarosa says she misses her hubby and dog. Julie asks them, With 8 nominations JayZ wins big at the Grammys. The answer is false. He was shut out. Bruno went six for six. Blake Griffin traded they all think it was true. Kylie Jenner’s new baby name is Selfie Star and it is false, Stormy. Government shut down and it was true. Tom Brady leads in winning the Superbowl, and it is false with the Eagles winning and Tom Brady coming up short.

It is time to play the Power of Veto. They head out to see a spa with a pond, mud pit, and a waterfall. They have to spell the longest word with special crystals. They must collect only one letter at a time, and only have ten minutes to lock in their answers. The competition is called, “The Four Sneezin.” They crawl through the mud to locate letters amid sneezes. Ariadna is not happy with the mud bath and having to crawl through it. James says he can spell, but finding letters is a challenge. Chuck goes after the word “spring.” Shannon is going after a long word. Mark is stockpiling letters to see which word may work for him. Keisha wants to find suffixes. Ariadna is looking for the word “warning.” Ross is happy not to have been picked to play. Metta calls them all nerds because they are spelling. The group not playing is enjoying Mimosas. Mark clicks in early.

The time is up. Ariadna spells “waing,” not a word. Mark spells “some.” Keisha spells “primed.” She has the lead. Shannon spells “responsibilities” for sixteen letters. James spells “famil,” not a word. Chuck spells “spanned.” Shannon wins the Power of Veto, and both Ariadna and James get the “Brotox” treatment. Metta rolls through the mud.

Keisha wants Shannon to pull Chuck off and put Mark up, but still vote James out. Ross does not get why they want to replace Chuck with Mark and make one more person mad at them. Shannon does not want to use it, but says she will if she can talk to Chuck to repair the relationship. Shannon says that she is the one who is the target, and Omarosa tells her that this is all me, me, me and they are a team. Shannon says that she is wrong. Ross comments that he has been waiting for the real Omarosa to show up and she did.

Ross and Brandi meet in storage and crack jokes about how people discount him in the room. Privately she is shocked and thinks that it is disgraceful. Ross does not trust the alliance, although he does not feel he is a target. He feels he will be a target as soon as the other men go. He feels marginalized. Marissa is very shocked at how little the group has evolved with their community. Ross feels he has been in a room many times where he has been underestimated, and he is going to let them underestimate him all the way to the finale.

For forty-eight hours they will have to be babies wearing baby costumes. They have to crawl on their hands and knees for forty-eight hours and when they hear the crying noise they have to suck on their bottle. James says that this is remotely close to how he pictured his Big Brother experience. The house guests have fun feeding and carrying Ari around. James asks if babies can have a showmance, and Ari says, “No.”

Ross says that Keisha and Omarosa are running the show. Shannon feels she is making her go back on her word and Ross tells her about Omarosa jumping down his throat when he thought that using the veto made no sense. Shannon goes up to Omarosa and Keisha and tells them that she doesn’t want to use it. Omarosa says that it won’t make a difference. Shannon feels that Omarosa is bulldozing them and has the rest of the alliance afraid of her. She is not afraid of her.
She sees the alliance quickly crumbling.

Shannon tells Omarosa that it was brought to her that this may not be the best move for her. Omarosa asks her if it was Brandi. Shannon looks taken aback, and says no, it was not Brandi, but someone else. Omarosa says that you need to use shock and awe and take your opponent off guard. She tells us that if she learned one thing working at the White House it was that, “You don’t retreat, you reload.” Omarosa tells Shannon again that they need to do this and put Mark on the spot and scare him.

It is time for the Veto meeting. Shannon feels that Keisha and Omarosa are pushing her to use it, while Ross feels it is not a good idea to make people angry unnecessarily. During the Veto meeting the crying baby happens and they must suck on their bottles.

James makes his plea on his knees since he is a baby. He would like to say and feels he has shown he wants to be there and is also a man of his word. Chuck says he is having a great time killing time with them. Shannon decides not to use the Power of Veto. Omarosa and Keisha look uncomfortable, while Ross smirks just a tiny bit. Shannon hopes she made the right decision. Keisha feels it is a good move for Shannon’s game but not for the alliance’s game, and it shows them where Shannon’s heart is.

Julie talks with Derrick, Josh, Nicole, and Ian. Nicole feels that Shannon is playing too hard, and Derrick says that with strong egos and opinions this is going to be real game. Ian says that the guys have to get their heads in the game. Josh says that it is hard in the house and he needs to use his emotions to further his game. Derrick says that he thinks that Marissa is playing well and has the best chance to win. Nicole says that Marissa is playing the game that she wishes Shannon would play. Ian feels that if James can make it past this moment in the game he has a chance to go deep.

Shannon and Ross chat and discuss not trusting Omarosa. Ross says that right now he is in an alliance with two people he does not trust, and Shannon says that there is a big part of her that just wants to flip. She asks Ross what he is thinking in his gut. Ross says he is at the bottom of the totem pole in this alliance, and he and Shannon decide to flip. When Omarosa and Keisha head out to the jacuzzi, Shannon speaks to Brandi and Ariadna and Marissa about flipping their vote to Chuck since Chuck is playing for Omarosa and Keisha, keeping James, with a deal not to put up any of their five. He will have to put Omarosa and Keisha up if he wins HOH.

It is time for the Live Eviction. James can plea first. He plugs his single record and says he is filled with gratitude, and anyone who allows him to stay will get his best at trying to repay the favor. Chuck says that he hopes they will keep him and he will try to help those who vote to keep him.

The votes:
Brandi votes to evict Chuck.
Ariadna votes to evict Chuck.
Omarosa votes to evict James.
Ross votes to evict Chuck.
Metta votes to evict Chuck.
Marissa votes to evict Chuck.
Shannon votes to evict Chuck.
Mark votes to evict Chuck.

Julie announces that by a vote of seven to one, Chuck is evicted from the Big Brother House. Omarosa spaces herself for a private hug as he goes. Mark looks as the photo goes to black and white.

Julie asks Chuck if he was surprised and he thinks that it flipped during the night. He thinks that his social game was not as strong. Julie says that he made a good effort, and Chuck says she told him no one was using it, but she did not ask him not to use it. Julie says that the guys left him hanging, but had they gone through him. Julie says that his social game was good and wonders why it didn’t work. Chuck says he wants to be on Amazing Race with his wife. Julie tells him that unlike other seasons, Chuck gets to go home and watch the show, and also be on the jury to select the winner. Chuck predicts that Shannon or James may win this, but he will make his jury decision after watching the episodes to see how he was treated.

Chuck gets some messages:
Omarosa says that if he is seeing this something has gone wrong. Marissa says that she will miss him. Ross says that this in no way reflects on the regard with which he holds him. Keisha says that she was honest with him.

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