Big Brother Celebrity Perspective by Riley T.D.


Hi everyone~! Are you all enjoying the first ever Celebrity BB? Have you got your favorite ones to love and hate? It certainly is a divided house so early in the game. Things seem to be bubbling under the surface, emotions are starting to show and the claws are going to come out soon!

My opinion of the spa challenge, I was bummed Omarosa didn’t get down and dirty in the real mud. Shannon, is too gun ho and the other girls will be breaking from their alliance of all girls +Ross soon. I remember this snotty challenge and the snotty girls didn’t get to play this time. I hope that Kiesha isn’t over thinking her hand, though I do see why she wanted to have Shannon pull chuck down, she will tell chuck she was the savoir if she does it for ‘her’ game. That is when I realized Omarosa doesn’t understand the game, because Shannon blurted out ‘it wasn’t good for her game’ and omg, now its she is thinking of herself and blah blah blah…I don’t know how many times Nicole said the same thing to others, ‘its not good for my game’..crumble tumble here comes the cracks in the crowd…the alliance is going to split after this is my guess.

The girls are cruel. Omarosa is playing to the camera, and no doubt is trying to stick it to D.T. and J.K. and it is so obvious. I am really shocked that Kiesha has joined forces wither. Oh I hope Shannon flips the vote on them!

So Shannon wins the POV, she definitely did her homework on the game though she plays with too many tears she is making some bold moves super celebrity speed. But making a deal to keep five people safe? That’s nuts. Jason and Adriana have to dress in baby outfits coming in last. At the Veto meeting, Shannon doesn’t use it, and ok, there goes the neighborhood..i haven’t watched the live feeds so I am in suspense just like a lot of you…

Was great to see the last top four winners and they scoop on the game. Do you agree with them? I do! My favorite top two, Russ and Marissa for the win!! And on to the live voting, poor Chuck sounds like he has had a few brain cells beat out of him. I am so proud these guys did what Omarosa said and ‘revolted’ and evicted Chuck! wow…this is going to be hot tempered house tonight! Slap in the face for Omarosa..loving every minute of it!

What a great ending and start for the weekend. i think i am just going to make some popcorn and watch the snow fall and watch these guys scheme form new alliances! So who do you think will win the next HOH? I can’t wait for Sunday!! Enjoy your day everyone!


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