Celebrity Big Brother Premiere Recap: February 8, 2018


Tonight on night two of the season premiere of Big Brother Celebrity Edition, Ross is worried about the game changing recast power. James is hoping for some luck in getting the power. Shannon really wants the girl power in the house to send a guy home. Ross doesn’t know who to suck up to, since he is not sure who will end up HOH after the power is used.

Omarosa, Shannon, and Marissa strategize in the storage room and worry about seeing two girls go up. James is sure that the girls are hanging with the girls and that means the guys are seriously outnumbered.

In the living room Shannon shares the twist details with the entire house. Prior to each nomination ceremony a logo will appear and the first houseguest to respond will be able to open their gift bag and if it holds a power, they can use it to upend the HOH currently in power. Should two houseguests want to use it, a random draw will choose the person to use it.

Marissa does the math and decides that they are going to have to force a recast by having multiple people want to open it at the same time. She shares that information with Shannon and Omarosa. That will maximize their chances of receiving the power. James and Chuck decide to ally and call themselves the Celebrators.

Mark decides to talk to Shannon and compliments her on her performance. Mark indiscriminately calls Shannon the biggest threat in the house. Shannon picks up on it and now sees Mark as a possible target.

Shannon wants to lump Ross in with the girls and let him spy on the guys with tihem. She shares with Ross that Mark sees her with a threat. Ross decides to align with the girls. Shannon lays out starting with the big strong guys and Ross agrees to keep mum and report back. James loves working out with Metta and Chuck in the work out room and they see bonding with the men. Chuck feels he really needs to socialize more with the girls.

Ariadna gives Chuck a facial and then Brandi glues a press on nail on Metta. Alone with the other guys they discuss being emasculated and Chuck thinks that they need to go along a bit. James attempts to convince them to use their Swag Bag when the opportunity presents itself.

Omarosa speaks to Shannon. She tells her that for two years she was so loyal to a person that it caused her to lose her other friends. She says that she was in there fighting and feeling like she got her head bashed in. Keisha joins in and says that people only see her as a part of a horrible campaign. Omarosa says that she was so loyal to Mr. Trump. She tries to compare it to Keisha and her support of Mr. Cosby. Keisha says that it is different because Trump runs a country. Omarosa says that she is looking forward to the next chapter of her life. It is obvious that she feels betrayed after giving blind loyalty to the President.

Shannon and Chuck chat and Shannon sees Chuck as one of a team of guys. James heads up to kiss the HOH ring and Shannon is not sure what to do. James tells her that he wants to be here, and James asks her if there is a girl’s thing. Shannon asks her if the boys are aligned. James is not sure that he wants to ally with the guys and he tells Shannon that she is a strong player and incredibly intelligent. Shannon sees James as her strongest competitor and thinks that she needs to take this opportunity to get him out of the house. She apologizes to her audience for going after the eye candy.

Metta is missing his wife and wants to kiss her. He tears up and says that he wants to go home. Shannon is happy to hear from him that he is not going to use his gift bag.

Omarosa is talking with Ross about her time on the Apprentice and in the White House. She says that in this house there are no handlers, no lawyers, no distractions, and the BB House makes you reflect on your life. Ross tells her that it looks as if the White House took a toll on her. She says that when people talk to her about it, even Keisha, they think that she was a part of that. She says that she made choices and she has to live with them. Ross says that it seems as if Omarosa is at a pivotal moment in her life, but he is not sure whether or not to believe her. She says that she tried to stop Trump from tweeting, but failed because everyone around him “attacked” her. Ivanka and Jared also tried to keep her from him. “I was haunted by tweets every single day,” Ross asks her if they should be worried. “I need you to say, ‘No, it’s going to be okay,” says Ross. “No, it’s not going to be okay. It’s not,” Omarosa responds. “It’s so bad.”

Shannon discusses with the girls and then decides to put Metta up as a pawn, Mark up as the target, but to replace Mark with James after the Veto. Shannon promises to keep Mark safe but in return she does not want him to open his gift bag. Shannon then talks to James who tells her that he won’t open the gift bag because he does not want to wear a costume. She says she is not going to nominate him.

The gift bag shows up on the screen. Chuck goes to the diary room and Brandi is right there with him. When he goes in Omarosa, Ross, Ariadna, Keisha, and Brandi line up, and they all say that they want to open the bag. Marissa says that she wants to report a propane leak in the BBQ.

Shannon calls the houseguests to the living room. They hold the random draw. They each choose a colored chip. Shannon draws an orange chip that will be matched to one person’s chip.

It is time for the Nomination Ceremony. The holder of the orange chip gets to open their gift bag. Keisha has the orange chip. She has a card with the recast and Shannon is safe, although out. Keisha nominates James and Chuck. She tells them that they will be the hardest to beat and there is nothing personal in it. The gift bag twist is over and the nomination ceremony is over. She feels that they nominated two huge targets and they can’t miss. Shannon did not have to reveal her nominations and she feels she has no blood on her hands.

James does not feel that he should have been nominated and Metta is upset that he was not nominated since he wanted to be home with his family. Both vow to go after the girls.

Tune in to Big Brother Celebrity Edition tomorrow at 8 eastern for the third in the Premiere.

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