Celebrity Big Brother: Othello’s Perspective


Kick off for night two, has peaked my interest just that much more, and may just be inclined to watch a few hours here and there, for now, I am going to watch along with the ‘real world’ and watch the three night promotion. I almost feel lost not watching it in the 24/7 mode, and know what is going to happen before the show, and felt the choppiness of the editing even without watching them 24/7.

Swag bags; boy did someone put a lot of thought into that twist! This really put in to perspective, who are the superfans and trying to figure out how to stay/get control, and who has no clue about the game just like in the regular season…no clue would be Chuck and Meta, and Jason dear Jason actually took advantage of that and told Chuck to be a pawn to open his swag bag…and he did,(that is my opinion what Jason did) then all the girls and Russ piled in and wanted to open their bags too to swing the edge towards the girls, and Keisha wins…takes over HOH and nominates Chuck, and Jason..that leads us to the third night of suspense, where we will find out who wins POV, and most likely who is going to be first out of the game. Meta wants to go home, and they didn’t nominate him.

Here is a bit of my take on the celebrities so far, andi will just start with Omarosa. Like Julie said, love her or hate her, you just want to see what comes out of her mouth, and even Omorosa there is not much in between with her. I am kind of shocked the lateral attitudes I pick up on (people in the outside world relating to this) and some of the other house guests towards her. Marissa says she would rather be on her team than against her..well, that is just like the viciousness of the white house and how the white house puts the fear in people and it rubs me the wrong way that people like Omarosa thinks she can take that kind of control over other powerless people. What the people don’t realize, they are ‘not’ powerless but would rather just go along to not ruffle any feathers.

I think Omarosa is playing to the cameras for her next book deal. They have been playing clips of BB on Morning Joe, and other MSNBC shows all day which is rarely done. It seems, they are going to play up the ‘reality star’ thread while the White House is in such chaos and Omarosa loves the cameras and spot light just as much as Trump. CBS has tons of free advertising on this first premiere of CBB they have to be thrilled! The one thing that does not surprise me, is that she doesn’t mention how she was ousted on the Bachelor years ago…I remember her seething because she wasn’t given a rose.

This leads me to Russ, omg, I love him on here! He is going to pull anything he can out of all of them, and is going to use it as daggers later in the week you just watch! Samantha, the HOH well, she is too gun-ho and will go soon. She can’t keep a secret, went straight to Omarosa and blabbed who knew who before they came in the house. It does seem the house has split more men against women I take it most are married so not a lot of lusting people except Brandy..Ugh Brandy”wine”, she is just as snotty and verbally abusive on this show that she was on the Housewives of B.H. She is just as bad without booze, everyone will see the real her. Marissa is a fun person and should be fun to follow, Adrianna is beautiful but not sure she knows what is going on yet either. couple of the girls, obviously not on my radar just yet.

Ok, the boys; now a team of four, Jason, Chuck, Meta, and ..??? (that would be mark, he isn’t very good at the game yet either)Mark is awestruck being in the presence of Chuck and Meta, Russ has zoomed over to the girls side…all I have to say is the girls are going to grind them into mineral salts, though the boys did catch on they better go break up some of the closeness of the girls and was fun to watch fun get a facial and Meta get a fake fingernail…

So who goes, who stays, who gets into the game? Well, Meta reminds me of Josh, he didn’t know squat about the game, cried first two days…got focused and kicked butt…I do not think he will make it to the end…I do think, Russ has a shot at the finals, and Kiesha is going to mastermind a lot even though she has rubbed Omorasa the wrong way, I hope she stands up and votes her out when Omarosa is not safe, wouldn’t you know it, the most controversial person got safety…definitely wasn’t expected for that to happen so soon…enjoy your day and enjoy the 2 hour show tonight~!

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