Big Brother Celebrity Edition: Recap for February 7, 2018


Tonight on night two of the season premiere of Big Brother Celebrity Edition, Julie Chen introduces us to Mark Mc Graff, who speaks of himself in the third person. He has twins and a wife and feels he won’t be perceived as a threat, but he is competitive. Brandy Granville, from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, says she is a hustler and will do anything for money. She says she will either be loved or hated, and loves to win. She has a thirty thousand dollar private school bill to pay for her children. Metta World Peace is a former Laker’s player, who knows nothing about Big Brother. He gets advice to stay true to himself. Former Miss Columbia, Aridana Gutierrez who models and acts says that she will show her real self. Ross Matthews covers Hollywood and has been in the business for nearly twenty years. He has a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Fame, and is a Big Brother fan.

The celebrities have been sequestered for the week and Julie tells them that they will have no social media, phones, or tv. They walk into the house and exclaim over the decor. Ross tells us that he was in the audience of Big Brother One for the finale. Ross comments that the table is square and leads the way.

The sixth celebrity is a Big Brother fan who has been in Africa living with the rhinos. Chuck Liddel, a wrestler, says that he is laid back when not on the job. He feels that he will be stepping into a fight and will play as hard as he can. Keisha Knight Pulliam, Rudy from the Cosby Show has a line of spices. James Maslow has his own CD coming out and he is excited to be on Big Brother and his strategy is to just do it. Omarosa was on the first season of Apprentice and later in the White House. She says that she learned from politics she has to watch not only her own back, but her front as well. Shannon Elizabeth has acted as well. Marissa has been an actress and a director.

This group enters the house as well, and Ross says that he did not want to see her in the house. He cannot do toxicity and negativity. Mark Mc Graf is surprised to see two strong men join the house. Shannon Elizabeth admits that she is a Big Brother Fan. James seems unaware that Omarosa worked for Trump.

The strategy begins. Brandy asks about voice and James speaks of how he warms up, but Brandy twice cuts him off to ask Mark. James wants to become HOH and nominate Brandy because she was rude to him. Immediately Omarosa gets Shannon aside and asks her if they could work together. Shannon says that no one would expect the two of them to work together. Marissa and Ariadna join in the alliance as well. They decide to put up two guys if one of them gets HOH. They decide to gather all the girls to work together and have a Hoe Code rather than a Bro Code.

Julie gathers the houseguests for their first HOH competition. She hands out awards for the week. There is a winning number and whoever is standing in front of a star with the winning number will be safe for the week, and will not compete. The winner is number 5, Omarosa. She is safe for the week. They must wrap their arms around the oversized Oscar award and hang on to it as it rises into the air. They have goggles to wear as well.

Ross is excited to live a dream of hugging an awards statue between a beauty queen and Rudy Huxtable. Metta says that his thighs are hurting. Paul Abrahamson sings to them and Rachel, from season 12 joins them. Jody and Cody and Jessica are also there. Jessie Godderez comes out to sing as well. Marissa falls because her thighs gave out.

Metta falls when he shifts his grip after the house guests were sprayed. Goo, in the guise of paint touch up is sprayed and Mark is down. Ross loses his grip as well. Chuck goes down when he shifts and gets caught in the goo. James realizes that he is the last man standing, an Ariadna is down. Keshia goes next and then Brandi goes down. It is down to James and Shannon.

Chuck hopes that James takes it because the men have lower numbers than the ladies, and James attempts a deal. When the statues spin, Shannon worries, but James falls off. Shannon is the first HoH. Omarosa is happy because she tried to interfere in the deal so that James would not be safe. The girls are happy to be in control.

Julie tells the houseguests to head inside and grab a Big Brother swag bag, but do not open it. The bags will shake up the game. Some bags just have the latest BB swag, but some have a power to recast the HOH, meaning that they can overthrow the HOH and take it for themself. Shannon is devastated to see that her game may be in jeopardy, and James is excited that he may have a second chance at the power.

Celebrity BB is on PopTV at 10:30 eastern time and the Live Feeds are up and running. Join Big Brother on Thursday and Friday at 8 Eastern time to learn who may hold the power and how they will decide to use it.

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