Big Brother: Celebrity Edition: Opinions, Odds, and Predictions


By MattD

Well hello again everyone!! The long awaited arrival of Celebrity Big Brother is finally upon us. We will have 11 houseguests, we will have 13 episodes in 19 days before crowning a champion. How will the season play out? Which of these celebrities will surprise us the most? Who will disappoint? Who will win? We’ll begin to find out the answers to those things tonight. They moved in on 1/31 so they’ve been in the house for a few days. The game has begun, but I won’t post any spoilers for those of you who haven’t checked the updates as of yet. Anyway, here are my thoughts:

I’m fairly impressed with the cast: Like Julie warned us, they’re not all Oscar winners or anything, but these people are pretty well known. I was afraid they would qualify people as “celebrities” that hadn’t even been on TV, like someone that’s well known on youtube or something. I guess one thing we need to remember is this is prime-time on CBS, not late-night on the E channel or something, so they should be able to get a few people to come on that we’ve heard of. There’s only two people under the age of 38, which should make for better feeds, I think. Minor spoiler alert, there’s a girl’s alliance already. One thing I feel the need to point out as to why this could actually work, actually two things, 1) it’s unlikely there’s going to be any serious showmances which generally screws it up. 2) I’m guessing the girls are as likely to win comps as the guys are. I don’t see this being a season where the guys win 75% of the comps or something, which is the way the summer show has been going. If you’ll recall in the “Over the Top” season, there was a successful girls alliance, and those two things applied, there was just the one showmance (and the guy got evicted quickly), and the majority of the comps could have conceivably be won by anyone. It’s too early to say if this particular alliance will be successful, but’s it’s more plausible than an all girls alliance would be in the summer.

Odds: I’ll pretend like everyone’s 10-1 for now, no reason to overthink it.

A few comments about the cast members:

Ariadna Gutierrez: The one that Steve Harvey incorrectly announced as the Miss Universe winner. At 24 one of the two under 38.

Brandi Glanville: I knew about her on the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, did not know she was also a bestselling author.

Chuck Liddell: Mixed martial arts dude. I get the feeling he might be pretty popular if he lasts very long.

James Maslow: Singer and Actor once got 4th on DWTS.

Keisha Knight Pulliam: Can you believe Rudy from the Cosby’s is 38 years old? Holy cow does time fly!

Marissa Janet Winokur: She’s an actress, I don’t know too much about her.

Mark McGrath: Singer of the rock band Sugar Ray. At 49 he’s the oldest.

Metta World Peace (Ron Artest) He was originally on the Chicago Bulls, he and Elton Brand were drafted as part of a group of players trying to replace the Jordan/Pippen dynasty of the 90’s. He later became well known around the NBA for various reasons.

Omarosa Manigault: She was on the season of the Apprentice that I actually watched, and she was thought of as a joke even back then, she wasn’t one of the better people on there. No idea if she’ll do well here.

Ross Mathews: The TV personality seems to be winning all the popularity polls at the moment.

Shannon Elizabeth: She seems to do well in the polls as well.

Predictions: I’m guessing by Friday Night at least 2 of them will be evicted. Also I think casual fans that tune in will prefer this to the Winter Olympics.

Ok that’s it for now. I’ll be back again soon. Enjoy the show!!!

MattD (@MattD34 on twitter).

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