Big Brother Canada 7 Spoilers: Week 4 Nominations


This Big Brother Canada week is all about Dane and Sam. Two of Adam’s strongest alliance members are against each other, and have been for the last three weeks. Dane and Anthony believe that Sam will be able to manipulate Adam the longer she stays in the game. They want her out before she ruins the Pretty Boys. However, by putting her up, Dane might destroy the Pretty Boys himself.

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Big Brother Canada 7 Predictions: Is this Really the End of Kailyn’s Game?


Kailyn’s Big Brother Canada game seems over. Chelsea has made decisions all week to ensure her exit, but like others have said, Kailyn has a way of manipulating the house to her way. Unfortunately, since Chelsea backdoored Kailyn, she hasn’t had as much time to campaign for safety. She’s also up against very likable and inoffensive Damien. She would need a Big Brother Canada miracle to prolong her game.

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